Yummy Can Egg Review | YummyCanEggs.com Microwave Ceramic Egg Cooker Review

What is Yummy Can Eggs?

Yummy Can is an all new as seen on tv “Ceramic” microwave egg maker. Yummy Can claims to be a new way of making gourmet eggs in your microwave. Making eggs in a pan can be a messy job and the cleaning even more so. Yummy Can claims to be a better way of cooking eggs. Simply crack and mix the eggs in the Yummy Can ceramic base and put it in the microwave, in minutes your golden fluffy scrambled egg breakfast is ready.



Yummy Can Egg claims to have design benefits over the other egg cookers in the market. The promoters of Yummy Can Egg claims that other microwave egg cookers make egg either runny, rubbery or dry, but supposedly that is not the case with the Yummy Can Eggs. The Ceramic Base of the Yummy Can Eggs claims to retain and circulate heat and the patent pending valve design of the Yummy Can Egg maintains the perfect amount of moisture which makes your eggs fluffier. You can even add your favourite ingredients to your breakfast to take it to an all new level. Yummy Can Eggs is perfect for Meat Lover’s Scrambled Eggs, Peppers, Onions and Cheese Scrambled egg. You can also add chopped veggies to egg whites, Yummy Can Eggs claims to be perfect for egg salad sandwiches too. The ceramic base of the Yummy Can Egg claims to be non-stick so you don’t have to add fat or butter to season it. What’s more, the Yummy Can Egg is compact, lightweight and can be cleaned in the dishwasher and is easy to store in the cabinet.


Yummy Can Egg Review | YummyCanEggs.com Microwave Ceramic Egg Cooker Review



How to use the Yummy Can Eggs Ceramic Microwave Cooker?

Crack the eggs in the Yummy Can Eggs container base without the shells, put your favourite ingredients. Close the lid and shake the Yummy Can Eggs container well for a few minutes to make sure all the content gets mixed evenly. Shake the Yummy Can Eggs sideways and up-and-down, DO NOT TILT Or ROTATE the ceramic microwave container. After the ingredients are mixed thoroughly, place the Yummy Can Eggs Ceramic Cooker in the microwave and let it cook for a minute, make sure that the lid is closed properly. When the microwave beeps, take out the Yummy Can Eggs Cooker and test the eggs inside, if you feel that the eggs need to be cooked for a bit longer you, do so in a 30-second intervals.


Yummy Can Eggs Price

You get 2 Yummy Can Egg Ceramic Cookers for $19.99 + Free S/h. The Yummy Can Egg Ceramic Cooker is available at the official website [YummyCanEggs.com] only.



Yummy Can Egg REVIEW

Yummy Can Eggs is one of those as seen on tv gadget that actually work, but there is nothing new about the Yummy Can Eggs. There are several tried and tested ceramic microwave cookers that work exactly like the Yummy Can Eggs.

Advantages of Yummy Can Eggs

  • Stay Cool Handles – The ceramic microwave egg cooker features ergonomically designed stay-cool handles which makes it easy to move to and from the microwave.
  • Healthy Diet – The Yummy Can Eggs claims to be non-stick so the ceramic cooker makes breakfast with no oil or butter.
  • Benefits over the similar egg cooker “Shake N Egg” – The Yummy Can Eggs has several benefits over the Shake-N-Egg, the most prominent being the valve for steam release. The second benefit is the more volume of the Yummy Can Eggs cooker. there have been incidents of the Shake-N-Egg exploding in the microwave because of the steam pressure inside the egg cooker, the Yummy Can Eggs supposedly addresses this issue with a release valve.
  • Dishwasher Safe – Yummy Can Eggs is dishwasher safe and BPA-Free



Easy to use

Reviews confirm the fact that Yummy Can Eggs Ceramic Cooker is easy to use and the eggs taste good too. But don’t expect it to be forgiving. Really a good way to prepare your breakfast under 2 minutes. A good microwave ceramic cooker for everyday use. The lid traps the heat and makes the egg fluffy. The steam release vent in the lid help minimize splatter while microwaving. Natural and healthier way of cooking eggs.


Additional Ingredients

Review reveal that Yummy Can Eggs is perfect for making scrambled eggs but beware of how much meat and other ingredients you add in the ceramic container. Don’t overload the Yummy Can Eggs with too much ingredients. It is recommended to microwave the contents for a minute, then stir the contents and again microwave for 20 seconds. After removing the Yummy Can Eggs ceramic cooker from the microwave, let it sit for a minute or two and then stir again.


The Yummy Can Eggs Get Very Hot

One of the major complaint of the Yummy Can Eggs is that it gets too hot and you need oven mitts to remove the ceramic cooker from the microwave. The ceramic cooker remains HOT for quite a long time. The Yummy Can Eggs does keep the egg warm for quite a long time.


Some Useful Tips

Adding a little milk to the eggs make the egg fluffier. The one minute cooking time if for one egg. If you are cooking more than one egg than you need to extend the cooking time but the cooking time is still under two minutes.


Ceramic Bowl Cooks the Egg Too

One reviewers mentions that you need not buy the Yummy Can Eggs just to make scrambled eggs. A sufficiently tall ceramic bowl with a lid also give the same results. One review mention that you use a measuring cup with a lid to make scrambled egg.



No Sufficient Instructions

The second most common complaint of the Yummy Can Egg is that there are no instructions included with the order. This has led to many users using the Yummy Can Egg improperly with not-so-pleasant results. This makes it a bit difficult for people who are not very expert cooks.


Cleaning is Easy

Being made of ceramic the Yummy Can Eggs cooker is easy to clean. But the egg cooker gets very hot and handling it can be troublesome. But make sure you handle it with care, being ceramic, the Yummy Can Eggs can shatter easily if dropped.


Limitations of Yummy Can Eggs

Though the Yummy Can Eggs makes good scrambled eggs, it cannot make boiled eggs or poached egg or omelette, given the fact that it is not very wide.



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