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Spike Express Grill BuySpikeGrill.com Small
Spike Express Grill BuySpikeGrill.com Small

What is Spike Grill?

It is a regular electric grill with the cooking plate featuring spikes.Note the words – “Spike Express Grill”. Spike – since the cooking surface has metal spikes that poke the food for better cooking. “Express” – because it supposedly cooks faster than an ordinary electric grill.



Why Spike Express Grill?

Food cooked on the gas grill is savory, but it takes a lot of time to cook the food on the grill. Grills can also be messy with all the food sticking to the surface. The electric countertop grills are convenient but don’t have the savor that the gas grills infuse. The Granitestone Spike Express Grill claims to be the world’s first grill that has spikes on the surface that makes your food cook faster than the ordinary electric grills.

The Spike Express Grill claims to cook all meals in 10 minutes or less. The promoters of the Spike Express Grill claim that you don’t need butter or oil needed. The other supposed benefit of the Spike Express Grill is that the food does not stick to the surface and you don’t need to season the grill. To demonstrate the non-stick feature of the grill the official review video shows a block of cheese melting in the grill and yet it does not stick to the surface.


Spike Express Grill Review


How does Spike Express Grill work?

The cooking surface of the grill features “speed spikes” for even heat conduction. The Spike Express Grill features three layers of the granite stone “finishing” [notice the word finishing], which according to the official review is NON-STICK and DURABLE. The spikes penetrate to sear your food cooking it from the inside to outside. The method of cooking infuses the food with the flavor, like the food from the gas grill. Slanted design of the cooking surface drains the fat out.The granite stone surface of the Spike Express Grill claims to be metal utensil safe, PFOA free and easy to clean. They also do a side-by-side demonstration of the Spike Express Grill and regular electric countertop grill to show that the food is not only cooked faster in the Spike Express Grill but is also juicier.



What does it cook and how fast?

  • Chicken Breasts cooked under 6 minutes
  • Gourmet Burgers cooked in 2 minutes
  • Teriyaki Glazed Salad in just 4 minutes
  • Frozen to Fork Shrimps in less than 10 minutes


Where to buy the Spike Express Grill?

The Spike Express Grill is available only at the official website BuySpikeGrill.com for $39.99 + Free Shipping. The offer is backed by 90-day money back guarantee.


Spike Express Grill Review

Okay now that we know how the Spike Express Grill works its time to find out if IT REALLY WORKS? Here is the summary of our findings – The Spike Express Grill in NO WAY accelerates the cooking process.


Do the SPIKES Really Help?

Nope, poking holes in the chicken is not a good idea as it would drain the juices from the chicken. Our product reviewers write to us that the poking would cause the chicken to lose the flavor and the juice. Had the poking method really worked, it would have been already in use. The fact that not many people poke the chicken before grilling it implies that this spike method does not work. In fact it makes the surface of the food look craggy. Marinating and not poking makes the chicken cook faster. Based on the review we do not recommend using the Spike Express Grill to cook chicken wings.

Cooking Hamburgers with Spike Express Grill

While making Hamburgers with the Spike Express Grill, you need to preheat the spike grill to 375 to 450 degree Fahrenheit. The burgers should be cooked at an internal temperature of 155 to 160 Fahrenheit. But most experts suggest electric grills are not the best option for making burgers as the patties dry out inside the grill.


Is it possible to cook without oil butter in the Spike Express Grill?

Even though the promoters of the Spike Express Grill claim that you don’t need to use butter or oil, it is recommended to use oil on the surface of the food. The cooking surface of the Spike Express Grill is nothing revolutionary that would make it non-stick. The food will stick to it if you don’t take proper precautions. Preheating the grill for about 15 minutes also minimizes the chances of the food sticking to the surface. Cleaning, brushing and using the Grill N Spray is inevitable even with the Spike Express Grill.


Anything to the Granitestone?

Nothing. It is just the finishing and not actual Granite stone. It offers no additional value. There are already reviews of the Granite Stone cookware being “sticky”. There are also complaints about the so-called granite-stone finishing peeling off after moderate use. The promoters can claim anything but you cannot use metal utensils on the non-stick cooking surface of the grilling surface, that will cause the coating to peel-off. The promoters of Spike Express Grill are making false claims related to these features.

Cleaning the Spike Express Grill

The Spike Express Grill is to be cleaned everyday after the use. Use a grill cleaning brush. Use a rubber spatula to remove the food stuck to the surface, don’t use metal spatula. Since this grill has a lot of spikes, food sticks around the spikes and removing it is a task. Using a damp cloth soaked in soap water is also a good method to remove the tough stains. Use a dry paper towel to dry the grilling surface, I know the paper is going to be poked by the spikes that’s fine. You can place a few papers on the surface and close the grill for some time. The towels will absorb all the moisture left. More Electric Grill Cleaning tips here, “and here“.


The Spike Express Grill inherits the Drawbacks of Electric Grill

Electric grills are not the best cooking appliance, they are a sort of adjustment, trade-off between taste and convenience. The Spike Grill is still a small countertop electric grill so no matter what, the food cooked in the Spike Grill does not taste like the one from the outdoor gas grill. You don’t get the authentic barbecue flavor. The electric grills do not really sear the food.


What are the Advantages of the Spike Express Grill?

The Spike Grill has all the advantages of an electric grill. It is smoke-free, convenient to use, produces less mess compared to a gas grill and is well suited for a single person or two. It is much cheaper than other branded grills like Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart, PowerXL, Ninja and the likes. The biggest advantages of the Spike Express Grill is the 10-year warranty.

The fat collection container comes in handy. Unlike other electric grills that have fat collection tray right under the cooking surface, the Spike Express Grill has it outside. This makes collecting the grease much easy. With the spikes you should expect more liquid coming out than normal.


Our Verdict

The Spike Express Grill is an unnecessary invention that is over-hyped and overrated. Do not fall for this Spike Grill and stick to the normal electric grill. The concept of the Spike Express Grill looks promising on paper but has very little practical value. We don’t recommend the Spike Express Grill. The Spike Express Grill is not a scam as such but the marketing is definitely deceptive. All the claims made in the infomercial are exaggerated to make the grill sound “revolutionary” – stereotypical of “as seen on tv”.

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