SHAQ Smokeless Grill & Press Review | Reviews

What is Shaq Smokeless Grill & Press

As the name suggests it is an indoor Smokeless Grill and Contact Grill, Panini Press and an Open Grill combined into one unit. The SHAQ Smokeless Grill claims to let you give the taste and flavor like the outdoor grill.

SHAQ Smokeless Grill & Press Review | Reviews

The name “SHAQ” is attributed to Shaquille Rashaun “Shaq” O’Neal who endorses the SHAQ Smokeless Grill and Press.



How does Shaq Smokeless Grill and Press work?

Indoor grills are known to get really smoky and can also set on your smoke alarms. The answer is the SHAQ Indoor Smokeless Grill and Press. The promoter’s review claims that the Smokeless SHAQ Grill uses a revolutionary technology to eliminate smoke altogether. Outdoor grilling is great but bugs and bad weather can play havoc, you need something like the SHAQ Smokeless Grill and Press.

The official review at also claim that the SHAQ Smokeless Grill gives the same grill marks and taste that one would expect from the outdoor charcoal grill. The SHAQ Smokeless Grill claims to feature a “Dual Thermal Control” that gives it a large temperature range – from 140 Degree Fahrenheit to 450 Degree Fahrenheit. The promoter also claims that the food is cooked twice as fast by the Shaq Smokeless Grill thanks to the two heating elements, one at the top and another at the bottom.



Panini Press

As a Panini Press, the Shaq Smokeless Grill features spring loaded retraction action beneath the lower grill plate that adjusts perfectly to the thickness of your food. The press applies the right pressure to give the right grill marks to the food.

To demonstrate the “Smokeless” feature of the Shaq Grill the promoters place two pieces of dry ice on the plate and the powerful fan sucks all the smoke. While this looks great in the demo, reviews have a different story to tell.

What can you cook with the SHAQ Smokeless Grill and Press

Grill steak, chicken, salmon, hot dogs, crab cakes, and burgers. The press helps you make hot press sandwiches and paninis including Cuban, Reuben, Club sandwiches, veggies, breakfast sandwiches, hamburger bun French toast, s’mores, even pizzas. SHAQ Smokeless Grill and Press claims to be great to reheat the leftovers.



Is SHAQ Smokeless Grill & Press Healthy?

The SHAQ Smokeless Grill & Press gives the user a classic BBQ taste in an indoor grill. It includes a special double drip design that channels the grease and fat away from the food and into the drip pans. This process ensures a healthier cooking for a healthier living because usually when someone says steak or grilled usually means a lot of fat and a lot of grease. Plus, advanced nonstick coating ensures no added butter or oil is required.

Cleaning the Shaq Smokeless Grill & Press

It has detachable nonstick grill plates which are of premium quality. These removable non-stick plates are completely dishwasher safe for a user friendly cleanup. There is a non-stick coating that aids in instant release of the food particles that get stuck during the process of open grilling, pressing or cooking so that ultimately no residue is left behind. The Shaq Smokeless Grill & Press Plates and Drip Tray can be placed in the bottom rack of the dishwasher or washed by hand. The Base Unit can be washed by hand with a warm, damp cloth and mild cleaning liquid.



How much does it cook?

With a grilling surface area of 8.7″ x 9.6″ and a unit size of 12.67”(D) x 13.2”(W) x 6.1”(H), the SHAQ Smokeless Grill & Press fits up to 4 to 6 burgers at one go. It claims even the thickest steaks will fit and has a floating bottom grill plate that moves according to the thickness of the food for even cooking and char-grill marks at temperatures up to 450° . This way the grill lid closes completely without crushing the meal while using up to 1300 watts of power.

How does SHAQ eliminate Smoke?

Featuring a smoke-less technology this product keeps the kitchen clear of any smoke no matter what is being grilled. There is a powerful extraction fan which draws the smoke down the vents and into the chamber below before it can escape out of the kitchen. This turbo speed smoke extractor sucks up every bit of smoke using the in-built water tray and electric fans thus allowing the users to be able to grill inside the confines of their houses without having to risk facing propane leaks or a smelly-messy charcoal smoker.



SHAQ Smokeless Grill & Press REVIEW

Lack of proper vision/ No glass lid

Due to the lack of a glass lid the users found it extremely difficult to track the progress of cooking of the food in the product. This led to over-cooking or un-even cooking of the food on multiple occasions. Sometimes due to the users being over careful the food could not even get hot enough.

False claims on Spillage

The sides of the top grill part should be deeper to collect grease. Users stated that it spilled everywhere even when just cooking a couple of burgers. Usually grills don’t need meat that barely has any grease but in case one was to find it ,it could work fine with this product.



It Smokes in the Opposite Direction

The SHAQ Smokeless Grill & Press does deliver on the smokeless promise which is great. However, it is said to take 2.5 times longer to cook meat ( that was cut to half normal thickness). Easy to set up, easy to use, easy to clean however it lacked the flavor so while there was definitely some smoke, there wasn’t a lot of it. Grilling or pressing of meat involves smoke as an essential ingredient in giving it the desired final taste that many love it for. The smokeless claim is false and misleading. Basically, a built-in fan is used to suck in the smoke. So instead of having smoke upward, this lets the smoke leak from the bottom.

SHAQ Smokeless Grill & Press Lacks Power

Red meat tends to get good flavor, but the appliance is said to be severely under powered. Chicken especially was rated to take forever to cook . This directly refers to the lack of power since 1300 watts is not enough to evenly cook thick pieces of meat. Also since the cooking surface is tiny , that is another down side. A user tried making ribs over a weekend and despite boiling them first it still took 30 minutes per side to get faint grill marks and slightly char the barbecue sauce. A medium rare steak took 45 minutes to cook. This proves that there isn’t a substantial difference as compared to a regular grill.



(Un)Even Cooking

The SHAQ Smokeless Grill cooks both sides at the same time thus giving regulated crisps and tender portions equally. The Cleanup is also fairly easy since the parts can be removed and placed back once they look to be in the right condition after a rinse.

Not like the Outdoor Grill

While it does what it’s supposed to, there has been noticed a serious lack in the flavor as compared to the larger outdoor grills since the drip there with butter and the charcoals really does the actual trick on the meat that gets cooked.

Smaller Cooking Surface

Due to the comparatively smaller cooking surface users found it difficult to reach high temperatures without burning away some part of the food. This was very disappointing since the entire process of grilling or pressing meat is to give it a charred flavor but have a juicy internal taste. Also since the product is compact, the SHAQ Smokeless Grill is perfect when cooking for just a few people at a time. It can also be used as a griddle or panini press.




A user complained that they were very disappointed with the SHAQ Smokeless Grill & Press. Apparently it was fine to cook some sausages or to make a panini sandwich. But as far as grilling chicken, pork or steak it proved to be below par. Many unhappy users tried more than a few times but failed and with a heavy heart hoped to return it but unfortunately that ship too, had sailed.

Nothing Revolutionary

SHAQ Smokeless Grill & Press was termed as “over rated” by many stating that it simply looked good but once could be better off with a “standard” indoor grill rather than this fancy over hyped piece of machinery. The “auto” functions were said to be pretty much useless.

Short Chord

One reviewer says that after the purchase SHAQ Smokeless Grill & Press was noted that the chord was way too short for a convenient use. The user warned other buyers that they would definitely need an extension cord to be able to cook comfortably.



Inaccurate Functions

While SHAQ Smokeless Grill & Press does a fairly good job of grilling, it has a bad reputation for not being always completely accurate. In some cases when the users tried making a steak which was to be rare, it turned out more of a medium. Another thing it wasn’t the best at was defrosting. Un-satisfied users complained that the meat didn’t defrost and because of that it reflected incorrect temperatures thus affecting the way it was supposed to be cooked.


The SHAQ Smokeless Grill & Press is yet another example of false advertising and how a celebrity face and convince and manipulate innocent fans into purchasing worthless products for a high value. There is no actually smoke-less feature in this product, instead one could simply use as tower fan if they were facing smoke issues while grilling on the old- school grills outdoor. The old way is the sure way , these compact kitchen appliances might be right for kids to try but definitely not for the regulars or the seniors who are accustomed to having the right flavors after going through the trouble of tedious cooking. It is advised that the buyers either try to opt for simpler gadgets or ones that can actually put their money where their mouth is.



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  1. I WAS going to buy a Shaq grill for my husband, but after reading these reviews, thought better of it. Thanks for saving me money.

  2. Thank you for your review of the Shaq Grill. Sam’s has it for 59.95 today.12/12/2020. I was sold on the price, until the reviews. I wouldn’t by it at any price, well maybe a 5.00 gift.

  3. I purchased one and used it for the first time yesterday and was disappointed. The drippings from the fish ran out on the counter and under the heating element. Only a small amount of the drippings actually ran into the catch tray. It made it very hard to clean and I’m still not sure it is all clean. I will be returning it today. Ugh

  4. Thank you for the review of the product. It is important for consumers to be able to assess like products to see what would be the best option for them. You provided good details as to benefits and limitations of this one.

  5. Debbie Hatfield | 27th October 2021 at 2:30 am | Reply

    I purchased 2 and am very disapointed in the use and cleaning of it. you can not clean under the heating element when grease goes under it. Nasty. Would not purchase if I knew the in and out of use. Stick with something you can personally see and just not what they show on infomericals.

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