Shaq Egg Maker Review | Does Work?

How does Shaq Egg Maker work?

Shaq claims that you can now make a lot of eggs in little time with the Shaq Egg Maker. The Shaq Egg Maker claims to make perfect hardboiled or soft-boiled eggs. The Shaq Egg Maker claims to make up to 14 hardboiled eggs at once in just minutes without any mess or stress. With the Shaq Egg Maker, you need not wait for the water to boil. The Shaq Egg Maker features two 7-racks stacked one above the other. The official website claims that you can even make poached eggs and omelets. The Shark Egg Maker claims to be great for Deviled Eggs, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches, Omelets and Poached Eggs and more with just a press of a button.

Shaq Egg Maker Review | Does Work?



SHAQ Egg Cooker Features

    Measuring Cup – The Shaq Egg Maker comes with a pre-marked measuring cup, just choose the type of egg you want to cook [Hard, Medium, Soft] and fill the water to that mark.
  • Egg Right Technology – Circulates heat and steam evenly in the Shaq Egg Maker chamber. When we investigated in the se claims we found that there is nothing special about the supposed “Egg Right Technology” all electric egg makers work on the same principle. The Egg Maker shuts off automatically when the eggs are done.
  • Cook & Look Dome – Clear dome that lets you see the eggs cooking.
  • Inserts
    • Egg Inserts – Hold up to 14 eggs but reviews mention that it is not a good idea to stuff the Shaq Egg Cooker with that many eggs. It is recommended to use seven eggs at a time. Also the eggs cooked in the SHAQ are hard to peel, most reviews reveal.
    • Poached Egg Insert – The insert features two crescent shaped pans with each pan holding one egg. The inserts are made of slippery silicone and you need to spray some pam oil before you place the egg in them.
    • Omelet Egg Insert – Round inserts claim to be perfect for making omelets but reviews mention that users had to do the omelet twice to cook it completely.



What can you make with the SHAQ Egg Cooker


Shaq Egg Maker Pricing

It is priced at $19.99 and is available ONLY at the official website The Shaq Egg Maker kit includes:
  • 1X Shaq Egg Maker Unit
  • 2X Egg Inserts
  • 1X Poached Egg Insert
  • 1X Omelet Insert
  • 1x Measuring Cup
  • 1X SHAQ’s Recipe Book

SHAQ Egg Maker What Do I Get?

SHAQ Egg Cooker Price and Rating Comparison

  • BELLA Double Tier Egg Cooker, Boiler – Price $19.99. 100+ Reviews, 4.6 aggregate rating
  • Copper Chef Egg Cooker – Price $26.04, 3200+ Reviews, 4.6 star aggregate rating
  • Chefman Electric Egg Cooker Boiler – Price $19.99, 1300+ Reviews, 4.5 star aggregate rating
  • Dash Rapid Egg Cooker – Price $19.98, 9000+ Reviews, 4.5 star aggregate rating
  • Verdict – The SHAQ Egg Cooker is at par with its competitors when you compare the price. But all the other egg cookers are tried-and-tested and have aggregate rating above 4.5 stars making them better option compared to the SHAQ.




It is important to note that when making omelet or poached egg, you are supposed to keep the insert ABOVE the egg boiling insert. You are not supposed to remove the the egg boiling insert.


The Science Behind the Shaq Egg Cooker

The Shaq Egg Cooker features an heating element [electric coil] which heats the water in the boiling insert. The water turns into steam and occupies more volume than water. The steam condenses on the relatively cooler surface of the eggs, facilitating heat transfer. The condensed steam makes it back to the insert only to be converted back to steam. The steam transfers the heat to the eggs and also the extra volume builds pressure on the eggs causing them to sink in the water. The all these factors help to cook the eggs faster. The built in thermostat shuts off the egg cooker after about 10 minutes.


SHAQ Egg Cooker Review

SHAQ Egg Cooker Quality

Not all is hunky dory with the Shaq Egg Cooker. Though the egg cooker works fairly well, there are complaints that the build quality of the Shaq Egg Cooker is not the best and feels very cheap. The egg cooker is very light, it features all plastic construction and many users feel that it is not something that would last long. Unlike other egg cookers, the SHAQ is quite bulky and has too many parts to clean and take care of.



No Hard Boiled Eggs

The eggs cooked in the SHAQ cooker are difficult to peel. One SHAQ Egg Cooker review mentions, “The Shaq Egg Cooker does not make hard boiled eggs, the eggs are soft in the middle.” The trick is to steam the eggs on just one deck of egg insert [7 eggs]. But even then the results are not very “hard”. Don’t expect chef quality eggs with the Shaq Egg Cooker, steaming the eggs is always going to be inferior to boiling.


Inconvenient Handle

The dome of the Shaq Egg Cooker is somewhat inconvenient to use, the small handle is very smooth and is difficult to grab with your thumb and index finger. It should have a ridge or a knob for secure grip.


Soft Boiling

You can soft-boil only seven eggs and not fourteen as claimed in the official website []. Many reviewers feel that this is a sort of deceptive marketing from SHAQ.



No Indicators

Another shortcoming of the Shaq Egg Cooker is that it lacks indicators [sound or visual] which tell you the eggs are cooked. Many user reviews mention that there should be a beep that would indicate the cooking is complete. Though the Shaq Egg Cooker has auto-shut off, the cooker continues to over-cook the eggs, scorching them if you don’t remove them from the cooker in time. The water evaporates pretty fast so you have to remove the eggs immediately after the cooking cycle is over, or else the eggs get scorched.

Our Verdict on Shaq Egg Cooker

It does the job and is very easy and simple to use. Though omelets are not the best, poached eggs certainly are. But there is nothing special about the SHAQ Egg Cooker, it is just like any other egg cooker. We do not recommend the Shaq Egg Cooker because there are better alternatives out there. Shaq is not the only electric egg cooker out there in the market, there are plenty of them. We personally recommend the Chefman Electric Egg Cooker Boiler or the DASH Egg Cooker.



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  1. How do you get the poached eggs out of the tray? Even with spray they were hard to remove.

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