SHAQ Air Fryer REVIEW | Exposed

SHAQ Air Fryer REVIEW | Exposed

SHAQ Air Fryer Features

We Americans love fried food but that food is fried in lots of oil loaded with calories. SHAQ Air Fryer provides a better oil-less alternative to frying. The SHAQ is a 6-quart air fryer with 8 preset cooking options. The SHAQ fries with the super-heated (400 Degree F) cyclonic air that reduces the calorie count by up-to 70%. So what’s special about the SHAQ Air Fryer? The feature that sets SHAQ apart from other air fryers is the simplicity. Shaq Air Fryer is easy to use with its one-touch setting. There are no complicated dials to turn or multiple buttons to press. The Shaq Air Fryer features “set and forget it” cooking method, so you don’t have to worry about your food being overcooked or under-cooked. The 1700 watts of power and 6-quart capacity means you can roast a whole 4 lbs chicken, that would otherwise need a rotisserie. The 44″ cord lets you move the SHAQ Air Fryer anywhere on the kitchen counter.

Advantages of SHAQ Air Fryer

  • 8 cooking functions – French Fries, Roast, Bake, Fish, Shrimp, Steak, Chicken, Reheat.
  • Food cooked in the SHAQ Air Fryer tastes great.
  • The other unique feature of the SHAQ Air Fryer is the patented “vented” air chamber that cooks the food all around.
  • The 1700 watt power makes your food crispy on the outside and delicious and moist in the inside. The extra 200 watts of power makes all the difference.
  • Combine the power with the 6-quart capacity of the SHAQ Air Fryer, it can cook the meal for the entire family. Now you need not cook food in batches.
  • While the SHAQ Air Fryer is great and convenient at preparing healthy meals in quicker time, it does need some preparation (oiling the basket) prior to cooking.
  • The SHAQ Air Fryer is great at making french fries under 15 to 20 minutes.
  • The SHAQ Air Fryer looks nice on the counter-top.
  • The SHAQ Air Fryer comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. You have 60 days to try the SHAQ Air Fryer and can return it in this period but make sure that the air fryer is not damaged you your guarantee would be void.
  • Great to make side dishes.
  • Shorter pre-heating time.
  • Dishwasher safe though it is recommended (based on the reviews) not to put the basket in the dishwasher.
  • Manual Cooking Option Available. Many air fryers just have the pre-set functions which shut down the fryer after fixed time. The SHAQ has manual option that lets YOU choose the time and temperature and not the computer.

Disadvantages of SHAQ Air Fryer

  • Basket Coating – The biggest drawback of the SHAQ Air Fryer is the non-stick basket. Almost 80% of the reviews are complaints about the non-stick paint peeling off. Before buying the SHAQ Air Fryer, make sure that you can buy the basket separately. If not the whole unit is rendered unusable when the basket non-stick coating peels off. There are other air fryers that have stainless steel baskets which do not face the problem of coating peeling off.
  • Cleaning – The second disadvantage of the SHAQ Air Fryer is that the cleaning the appliance is difficult as it splatters the oil over the interior while cooking, especially chicken. This makes the Air Fryer messy and is difficult to clean. You have scrub hard to remove the food stuck to the basket . User reviews recommended to clean the air fryer basket with a sponge and soap to avoid the scratching of the delicate basket surface.
  • Needs some Oil – The claim that SHAQ Air Fryer cooks without oil is not entirely true. Users report in the reviews that you should spray some oil on the chicken that it becomes crispy. It is recommended to spray some oil on the air fryer basket too so that the food does not stick the basket.
  • Can’t Look Though – There is not glass, so you cannot see the food being actually cooked. You have remove the basket and check if it is done.
  • Basket Scratches Easily – Do not use metal tongs and tools in the SHAQ Air Fryer basket, metal tongs will scratch and tear through the non-stick coating and will cause the paint to peel off, rendering the basket useless. In such case you will have to buy a new basket altogether.
  • No Warranty – The SHAQ Air Fryer does not come with a WARRANTY. Normally kitchen appliances like the SHAQ come with one year manufacturer’s warranty. That means if the air fryer is is damaged you won’t be able to get it repaired or replaced.
  • Does Not Replace an OVEN – Though the SHAQ is a great piece of appliance, many user reviews say they would prefer ovens when it comes to cooking meals for the whole family. Making meals for a whole family is messy in the SHAQ.
  • Not UL Listed – This raises serious question regarding the safety of the appliance.
  • No Racks – The SHAQ accessories does not include Racks. Raised cooking racks are a must when it comes to roasting a whole chicken. The rack elevates the food so air can circulate beneath it to cook it evenly.
  • Less Functions – The SHAQ Air Fryer lacks important functions like Dehydrate and Keep Warm.
  • Not Durable – Our product experts say that the air fryer won’t last very long. Not over a year.


The SHAQ Air Fryer is priced at $89.97 + Free Shipping. You can pay the amount in 3 installments of $29.99 each month. SHAQ is slightly cheaper than the other similar model like the GoWise which is priced at $92. Buyers complain that the shipping charges of $19.99 are quiet high. The SHAQ is available at the official website only.

Our Verdict on the SHAQ Air Fryer

There is nothing special about the SHAQ Air Fryer. All the features mentioned in the ad are commonly found on this type of air fryers. In-fact it has more disadvantages than benefits. Based on the review we conclude that the SHAQ is GOOD but NOT GREAT as they make it look in the official video at The Air Fryer is promoted by the as seen on tv company Tristar Products Inc. Many reviews mention that won’t buy SHAQ when they have better tried and tested air fryers like the GoWise and Philips, which come with stainless steel baskets and last long. Electric appliances like the SHAQ Air Fryer are prone to going dud after several days of usage, in such cases it is always advisable to have warranty (and extended warranty) just in case if you got the defective piece. The absence of warranty is the major shortcoming of SHAQ Air Fryer.

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