Quad Cooker Review | Does TryQuadCooker.com Really Work?

What is Quad Cooker?

Quad Cooker is a microwave cooker that features four [hence the name  “QUAD”] plate-sized tiers that can hold up to four plates at once. The makers of Quad Cooker claim that now you can heat/reheat multiple meals [FOUR] at the same time. The Quad Cooker makes it possible for your family to eat at the same time with no one having to wait for the food to be heated. The promoters claim to say goodbye to the days when you could keep just one plate in the microwave.


Quad Cooker Review | Does TryQuadCooker.com Really Work?




How does the Quad Cooker Work?

Just slide each plate on to the Quad Cooker shelf for “all at once” meal prep. The Quad Cooker claims to evenly heat the contents of all the plates. When not in use, the Quad Cooker can be stored in the microwave itself. You can adjust the height of the shelves in the Quad Cooker to accommodate plates with taller items, of-course increasing the height of the shelves will accommodate a lesser number of plates. The Quad Cooker also has a place at the center where you can keep your cup to heat the coffee.

Quad Cooker Design

The Quad Cooker features a strong base plate, the semi-circular and adjustable shelves make it easy to put the plates on them [though reviews claim that it is quite a hassle]. The back of the Quad Cooker shelves is covered by perforated sidewalls for easy breathing. The holes in the side walls make sure that the heat is evenly distributed.



Benefits of Quad Cooker

  • Cuts Doen Prep Time – The Quad Cooker can help cut down the food cooking time. No need to heat the food in individual plates when you can do four plates at once.
  • Accommodates Mug Too – The circular space at the center can accommodate small bowls, cups, mugs etc.
  • Durable Construction – The Quad Cooker features durable plastic construction that is
  • Easy Storage – The Quad Cooker does not need any extra space to be stored. You can keep it right in the microwave when not in use.
  • Versatile The Quad Cooker works with all types of microwaves and can accommodate standard size [10.5 inches] plates.



Disadvantages of the Quad Cooker

  • Uneven Heating – Our product experts point out the fact that you cannot get even heat distribution with the Quad Cooker. The food in the first plate at the top will receive maximum heat [as it is close to the heating elements] and the plate at the bottom would comparatively receive far lesser heat. Thus the food in the bottom plate would not be heated to your liking while that in the topmost plate could end up burnt.
  • Inconvenient to Use – Putting inside and getting the Quad Cooker out of the microwave is a hassle . The Quad Cooker is inconvenient to use. The TV infomercial makes it look very easy using the Quad Cooker, but it is quite a hassle to put the Quad Cooker inside a microwave with all the four [4] plates [filled with food]. Especially older people with Parkinson’s and other  balance issues would not find it easy to use. You could very easily end up spilling all the contents in the plates.
  • Not Very Microwave-Friendly – The basic rule of cooking in the microwave states that you should not leave the food uncovered while cooking in the microwave. Unfortunately the Quad Cooker does not come with a dome to cover the food and you will have to deal with the mess caused by the splatter. Also another golden rule of using the Microwave states that you should leave gap at the top of the microwave, you should not stuff the microwave. But using the Quad Cooker in the microwave is a violation of this basic microwave cooking rule.
  • Flimsy – the Quad Cooker does not seem to be very well made. It is not stable and wobbles! not something you would want to put in your microwave, with all the plates  stacked in it. The plastic of the Quad Cooker becomes very soft when you use it in the microwave and it feels like the whole thing would just collapse.
  • Can Be Messy – If you are not careful with the plates and its contents, the Quad Cooker can create horrible mess in your kitchen as well as in the microwave. Avoid using the Quad Cooker with liquid contents in the plates. Do not fill the plates full, spread the food evenly across the plate so that there is some space between the food and the top shelf. Make sure the dishes are not full, there is no room at the top of the first [from the bottom], second and third shelfs. There is not much room on the fourth tier either.



Our Verdict

We do not recommend the Quad Cooker, it is just another stupid “as seen on tv” invention. Lack of cover makes it utterly useless.


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