Power XL Air Fryer Grill vs Nuwave Bravo XL Smart Oven

The comparison of PowerXL Air Fryer and Nuwave Bravo XL is basically a comparison of an AIR FRYER and an OVEN.


There is a trend of multi-functional kitchen gadgets and the “PowerXL Air Fryer Grill” and the “Nuwave BRAVO XL Air Fryer Oven” are at the top of the list of these versatile kitchen appliances. They both, the PowerXL Air Fryer Grill and the Nuwave BRAVO XL Air Fryer Oven, look very similar and there is also similarity in their names “Air Fryer” and “XL”. But one is [primarily] an AIR FRYER while the later is an OVEN – that’s the basic difference. So what’s this confusion all about? Well this is a MARKETING Ploy. Since both the appliances are VERSATILE, they perform the functions of an Air fryer, Grill, Oven, Dehydrator, Toaster, Rotisserie and more, but you cannot have all these names at the same time so they prefer to use the PRIMARY role in the product name. So let’s start with the comparison of their functions, reviews and uses.


Compare What is it? Power XL Air Fryer Grill vs Nuwave Bravo XL

PowerXL Air Fryer Grill

Between the two, the Power XL Air fryer Grill came first and has the functionalities of eight appliances hence it boasts of being a “8-in-1” cooking appliance. PRIMARILY, PowerXL is an “AIR FRYER” with the secondary added functionalities of a Grill, Rotisserie, Bake, Roast, Pizza, Reheat and Toast/Bagel.

Power XL Air Fryer GRILL



So “how does the PowerXL Air Fryer become a GRILL?” you may ask? the answer is the High density non-stick grilling plate that it comes with. The high ridges of the plate claim to give the grill marks similar to those you would expect from an outdoor charcoal grill.


Nuwave Bravo XL

Basically it is an OVEN. Known as the ‘smart’ oven, Nuwave Bravo XL oven guarantees to make cooking easy, quick and superior. It offers triple cooking technology, integrated temperature probe, precise time, flavor infusion technology, temperature control and a host of features. It can also can air fry, broil, bake, roast, grill, toast, dehydrate, warm and reheat foods.

Nuwave Bravo XL OVEN


Compare Heating Elements: Power XL Air Fryer GRILL vs Nuwave Bravo XL OVEN

Power XL Air Fryer GRILL has 3 heating elements while the Nuwave Bravo XL since it is an “OVEN” has 5 heating elements. Obviously when it comes to “heat distribution” the Nuwave Bravo has distinctive edge over the PowerXL Air Fryer Grill. You can very easily under-cook or over-cook the food with the PowerXL you can even have one side of the food overcooked and the other undercooked. You have to be an “grilling” expert to use the PowerXL efficiently while the Nuwave Bravo can be forgiving. The Nuwave Bravo being an oven has an insulated cooking chamber which cooks food evenly.

Compare Cooking Methods: Power XL Air Fryer GRILL vs Nuwave Bravo XL OVEN

Both the Power XL Air Fryer Grill and the Nuwave Bravo XL use the traditional conduction method and the more recent convection method for cooking. While conduction is the most basic of the cooking methods, it is convection that is a game changer. Now you may ask if both the appliances use the same “convection” method of cooking, what’s the difference in them? well, the number of heating elements and the internal volume make all the difference, this is explained in the next comparison section.



Compare Capacity: Power XL Air Fryer GRILL vs Nuwave Bravo XL OVEN

PowerXL being an “Air Fryer” has lesser capacity of 930 cubic inches while the Nuwave Bravo XL boasts of 1728 cubic inches of cooking volume. So what does this mean in terms of cooking? It means Nuwave Bravo XL Smart OVEN can cook more food compared to the PowerXL Air Fryer Grill.

As mentioned earlier PowerXL is an enlarged “Air Fryer” and air fryers need to have compact chamber to air fry thoroughly. Essentially unlike ovens, air fryers are meant to cook [air fry] smaller portions of food and that too FASTER than ovens. The manufacturer of the PowerXL Air Fryer Grill have tried to create a BIGGER Air fryer which could cook [again air fry] food for the complete family and do it quicker than an oven. They try to achieve this by placing a bigger fan with peculiar blades to match the increased cooking volume.

So what’s the verdict here? Theoretically speaking the key takeaway are: PowerXL Air Fryer Grill cooks [air fries] food faster than Nuwave Bravo XL Power XL is healthier method of cooking food compared to Nuwave Bravo XL OVEN.

Nuwave Bravo XL OVEN scores in the areas of quantity of food. If you have bigger family Nuwave Bravo is better than PowerXL.

Nuwave Bravo XL Oven also has an edge when it comes to “even cooking”. Undercooked food is a problem with the PowerXL Air fryer Grill.



Compare Power

The Power XL Air Fryer is rated at 1500 watts and the Nuwave Bravo XL at 1800 watts. Since the Nuwave Bravo has more heating elements than the Power XL it got to have more power.


Compare Temperature Range

  • PowerXL Air Fryer Grill – 200°F to 450° F
  • Nuwave Bravo XL – 100°F to 450°F
Verdict: Nuwave Bravo XL offers wider choice in temperature range, which facilitates better cooking. The lower temperature of Nuwave Bravo XL makes sure there is less moisture loss. This makes meat tender and juicier.


Compare Design

PowerXL Air Fryer Grill

It has a sleek 8-in-1 design made to facilitate cooking huge quantity food. It performs functions of multiple machines singlehandedly. Its design features two racks in which different ingredients can be placed separately for cooking in one go. However, its 930 cubic inches size is relatively smaller, which acts as a limitation.

Nuwave Bravo XL

Brushed stainless steel for exterior, heat-resistant tempered glass door and robust cooking racks highlight the design of the Nuwave Bravo XL. Its design features four rack and pan positions for increased flexibility in cooking. It’s a compact appliance that saves counter-top space and yet cooks for many people.



Compare Cooking Functions: Power XL Air Fryer GRILL vs Nuwave Bravo XL OVEN

  • Bake – Surrounds the food with hot air for indirect heating. Both PowerXL and Nuwave Bravo have these functions. PowerXL bakes faster than Nuwave Bravo XL, while the Nuwave Bravo can bake larger quantity than PowerXL Air Fryer Grill.
  • Roast – The Roasting function dry cooks the food. It is easiest of the cooking methods, both Nuwave Bravo and the Power XL Air Fryer Grill have the “Roast” function. But given the large size of the chamber and the extra heat sources, Nuwave Bravo XL has an edge over the PowerXL Air Fryer Grill.
  • Toast – Both the appliances have the “Toast” function. Nuwave Bravo can handle more quantity than the Power XL.
  • Waffle – Both the appliances can be used to make waffles but you have to buy separately the iron-plates.
  • Pizza – You can make a bigger Pizza in the Nuwave Bravo XL Oven. The Nuwave Bravo comes with the extra Pizza accessories like the cutter and server.
  • Air Fry – Both the Power XL and Nuwave Bravo have the Air Fry function. But given the small cooking chamber, the Power XL is the real “Air Fryer” while it is just one of the functions of the Nuwave Bravo XL Oven. PowerXL will air fry food faster than Nuwave Bravo. The quantity of food cooked in an air fryer is inversely proportional to the time taken to cook the food.
  • Sear – Though both the appliances have this function, Nuwave Bravo XL being an Oven is great at searing food than the PowerXL.
  • Rotisserie – The PowerXL Air Fryer Grill has a rotisserie function and the requisite tools. Nuwave Bravo lacks this.
  • Broil – The Broil function directs intense heat from the op heat source, broiling is similar to grilling but can be done indoors. Be careful with what you broil, broiling can burn the food and cause smoke too.
  • Frozen – The “Frozen” mode of the Nuwave Bravo XL cooks the frozen food faster and more evenly, thanks to the more power [1800 watts] and the higher number of heating elements. The Power XL Air Fry Grill too can cook frozen food [on the bake mode] but does not have a separate function.
  • Grill – This is the most basic cooking function that involves dry heat. Both the appliances – PowerXL and Nuwave Bravo XL have this feature. Given its 5 heat sources and high power [1800 watts] Nuwave Bravo XL Oven is better at grilling than the PowerXL. Also you can grill more food with the Nuwave Bravo. Please be informed that the grilling does not infuse the charcoal taste that one might expect.
  • Bagel
  • Dehydrate – Dehydrating removes all the moisture from the food which helps in preserving the food longer. The PowerXL Air Fryer Grill does not have the Dehydrate option while the Nuwave Bravo has it.

Verdict: Nuwave Bravo XL Oven has more functions than the Power XL Air Fryer Grill. Nuwave Bravo has all the functions [Except Rotisserie] that PowerXL has and in addition to that has these three functions – Sear, Frozen, Broil and Dehydrate. While the Power XL Air Fryer also has the rotisserie function which is absent in the Nuwave Bravo.



Compare Accessories

PowerXL Air Fryer Grill

  • Non-stick grill pan
  • Stainless steel mesh fry basket
  • Rotating Rotisserie
  • Stainless steel cooking rack
  • Rotisserie spit
  • Non-stick griddle
  • Accessory kit

Nuwave Bravo XL

  • Two Racks
  • Air Fry Basket
  • Baking Pan
  • Broiler Tray
  • Crumb/Drip Tray
  • Pizza Peel
  • Pizza Cutter/Server
  • NuWave Cooking Club App
  • Can cook a 12″ Pizza


PowerXL Air Fryer Grill Pros


Nuwave Bravo XL OVEN Pros

  • Very versatile Appliance
  • Flexible cooking functions.
  • Looks great on the counter.
  • Cuts the grease.
  • Prefect for bigger families.
  • Frying basket does hold a lot.
  • Heats up pretty fast.
  • Reviews mention that it functions quiet well as a “Toaster Oven”.



Nuwave Bravo XL OVEN Cons

  • Complicated and confusing to use. Too little instructions. You have to learn to use this appliance.
  • Not much protection around the heating elements.
  • Smokes a lot – This is nothing to do with the appliance but the food that you cook in it. Fatty foods tend to smoke when seared and roasted.
  • Bulky and takes up so much space.
  • Probe malfunctions after moderate use.
  • Air Fryer feature not too good. You get the same results with a $50 air fryer and that too much quicker.
  • The racks fall out at one end, the racks are shorter than the length of the chamber.
  • Exterior gets really hot.
  • Noisy
Where does Nuwave Bravo score over the PowerXL Air Fryer Grill Where does PowerXL Air Fryer Grill score over the Nuwave Bravo XL Can Nuwave Bravo Air Fry? What makes Nuwave SMART? What is it about the XL?





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