Power Precision Cooker Sous-Vide REVIEW

What is Power Precision Cooker Sous-Vide

As per the TV infomercial it is a unique cooker that uses Sous Vide method to achieve precise temperature control to cook rare, medium, or well-done food with chef-quality results.



Precise cooking

Power Precision Cooker Sous-Vide guarantees perfect results with its precise temperature control mechanism. It assures to eliminate the issues of overcooking or under heating the food that leaves hot spots, and unevenly cooked meals. Power Precision Cooker Sous-Vide claims are interesting but will be validated only when users review it.


Simple to use
Power Precision Cooker Sous-Vide promises to use a 3-step approach to cook. Users can place normal or frozen food in a food-grade plastic bag or jar, drop it into the water, and connect Power Precision Cooker Sous-Vide with the desired temperature to cook with perfection. It states to have a digital time and temperature display with an easy selection and can be used with any pot or plastic container. We shall know more once we get to analyze use reviews.


Flavorful results
Since the water circulates around the food, Power Precision Cooker Sous-Vide declares to cook food flavor-rich, super-infused food with results from edge to edge. It asserts to be perfect for cooking extra-tender and juicy meats, fish, and vegetables. Does Power Precision Cooker Sous-Vide really work as promised? Send us your reviews.


Power Precision Cooker VERDICT

This precision cooker isn’t unique and is one of the many available Sous vide cookers that promise restaurant-quality results. There are many similar options to Power Precision Cooker that you can search on Amazon, Walmart, or Google by typing precision cookers and sous vide cooker. One of the few competitor’s cooker is the Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker. Both these cookers offer more or less the same features and cost in the same range, too. The manufacturer’s website also gives an opportunity to try Power Precision Cooker for a month but it adds an unnecessary cost if you plan on purchasing it anyway. Even though Power Precision Cooker is available on Amazon, there are no customer reviews or ratings available for it. On the other hand, the Anova cooker has 4.2 rating from 3,230 customers making it an obvious choice. At a similar price to Power Precision Cooker, Anova provides Bluetooth connectivity as well. We recommend comparing these two and more options on the internet thoroughly before rushing into buying Power Precision Cooker.


What do I get?
Power Precision Cooker Sous-Vide just for $79.95 | Official Website: PowerPrecisionCooker.com

2 Comments on "Power Precision Cooker Sous-Vide REVIEW"

  1. I recently purchased one at Sam’s club. I have been using it daily for two weeks now and it works prefect. Steaks, pork chops, turkey breast, vegetables and even eggs. Does not have some of the bells and whistles of the more expensive Anova, but gives the same results.

  2. Kristen E. Malone | 20th August 2019 at 4:50 am | Reply

    I tried mine once. Had problems with keeping the bags submerged.. The rack that comes with it is flimsy and kept coming apart. I’ll try one more time and if it isn’t any easier It’s gone…

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