Power Smokeless Grill REVIEW | Indoor Electric Smokeless Grill Busted

Official website: PowerSmokelessGrill.com

About Power Smokeless Grill?

It is an indoor electric smokeless grill for home use that emits virtually no smoke, courtesy its special ‘Turbo-Speed Smoke Extractor Technology’, airflow technology and more.

Your Very Own Hi-tech Smokeless Grill

Power Smokeless Grill is presented as a highly versatile grill that saves you from enduring unbearable heat and discomfort while grilling at home. The appliance, featuring advanced features and functions, comes with specially designed electric fans that apparently suck smoke and smell back into the grill with its water tray inside absorbing smoke further. Touch-control panel and LED Smart Temperature Control for adjusting temperature from 175° F to 450° F instantly and its ability to distributes heat evenly (up to 450°) and effectively prevents hot spots are other highlights of the Power Smokeless Grill.

Grills Healthy, Fat-Free Recipes

The Power Smokeless Grill has a drip tray which captures excess oil and fat while grilling. Stainless tempered glass lid, non-stick griddle plate and its design that turns the grill into an electric skillet with its easily interchangeable plates are other pluses of the Power Smokeless Grill. The extra-large grilling surface which allows you to grill six burgers or four steaks in one go and removable parts for easy cleaning make using it all the more convenient.

4 Comments on "Power Smokeless Grill REVIEW | Indoor Electric Smokeless Grill Busted"

  1. I still have not gotten the 2 books and our flat grill for pancakes. Please let me know when I can expect them. I would like to use those items.

  2. 7/25/18-Marla Miller posted that she still hasn’t received two books and a griddle for pancakes. This comment stopped me from ordering…Attention to details people, attention to details!
    -John C Eddy
    Jacksonville, FL

  3. I haven’t got my power grill yet but don’t be fooled by claiming your $20.00 cash back.Your on hold for ever so they can try to sell you something else and you don’t get the $20.00 unless you get it. I hate being lied to.

  4. victoria welch | 30th May 2019 at 12:26 am | Reply

    I cant find my owners manual instructions all so I didnt get my 50.00 gift cerfactic for either the grill or elect oven haven’t used them yet so I cant complain and I dint get free coupons for either of them all so I did get all the books

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