Power AirFryer XL REVIEWED

What is Power AirFryer XL?

Power AirFryer XL is an airfryer that fries food with minimal or no oil and yet imparts the taste and feel of fried food.



What does Power AirFryer XL do?

It prepares fried foods with very little or no oil and cuts down as much as 80% of calories. It helps you prepare and serve a variety of healthy and tasty fried recipes right at home as it air fries, bakes, steams, sautes, grills and roasts.


How does Power AirFryer XL work?

Power AirFryer XL basically works by using very hot turbo cyclonic air instead of oil while frying foods. This turbo-cyclonic air is powered by 1500 watts and reaches up to 400 degrees instantaneously. It also functions as a 6-in-1 cooking appliance that performs a variety of functions. All you are instructed to do is add ingredients in its Easy Load basket, slide it into the unit and select the cooking setting from one of the 7 pre-set programs on the digital touch panel to begin the process of cooking.. When its timer is done, the machine stops with the help of automatic shut-off feature.


Power AirFryer XL Features

    Digital easy one-touch panel
    Uses little or no oil
    Coated with professional-grade non-stick coating
    Cooks at up to 400° temperature
    Non-stick coating
    Uses turbo-cyclonic hot air powered by 1500 watts
    Automatic shut-off function
    Easy to clean
    Dishwasher safe
    Advanced functions
    Large Easy-Grip Handle


Controls: – Digital

Temperature Range: – 180°F – 400°F

Cooking Capacity: – 3.4 qt. (for 2-4 people) and 5.3 qt. (for 4-6 people)

Power AirFryer XL Wattage: – 3.4 qt.: 1500 watts and 5.3 qt.: 1700 watts

Power AirFryer XL Safety Features:

  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Large easy-grip handle
  • In case inner temperature control system fails, the overheating protection system gets activated and the Unit does not function.


Cleaning – Take a small amount of soap and use a mild scrubber while washing the unit in warm water. Its fry basket and the outer basket are dishwasher safe.


Power AirFryer XL Dimensions:

  • 3.4 qt.: 12.8″ H x 11.4″ W x 13.2″ D.
  • 5.3 qt.: 14.5″ H x 12.5″ W x 14.9″ D.


Weight: – 8 kg


Power AirFryer XL Functions:

  • Rapid air technology
  • Turbo-cyclonic heated air allows cooking at up to 400 degrees
  • 6-in-1 cooking features
  • Air fries, bakes, steams, sautes, grills and roasts
  • One-touch settings on digital panel for easy, accurate operation


Power AirFryer XL Safety Features: – Automatic shut-off feature, Large, easy-grip handle

Cooking Programs: – 7 pre-set programs for cooking through digital one-touch panel- after placing food into the fry bucket, you only need to select from one of the 7 pre-set programs to get your recipe ready.

High Pressure Cooking Range: – 400°

Low Pressure Cooking Range: – None

Does Power AirFryer XL have Auto Keep-Warm feature: – No

Compare Manual Keep-Warm feature: – Not mentioned


Cooking Pot Capacity: – 3.4 qt. (for 2-4 people) and 5.3 qt. (for 4-6 people)

Heating Element Power:
Heating coil and electronics present

Delayed Cooking: – Delayed settings feature provided

Does it make Yogurt? – No


Power AirFryer XL Body Material – Black plastic with silver accents


Compare What do I get?

  • Power AirFryer XL
  • A bonus divider
  • A recipe book
  • Online recipe library online “How-To” video library available

3.4 Quart Power AirFryer XL just for 3 payments of $39.99 and 5.3 Quart Power AirFryer XL just for only 3 payments of $49.99 at Official Website: PowerAirFryer.com


Power Airfryer XL Pros

A Power Airfryer XL customer, Hope Lawrence, writes in her review that the option to cook oil-free food makes it a healthier option. She also states that the addition of 7 preset programs makes it easier to cook meals quickly. All one needs to do is pop in the ingredients and choose a preset to get most standard meals quickly.

Another Power Airfryer XL reviewer, Jeremy White, applauds the large capacity of the fryer since it helps in cooking right-sized meals for the entire family. Both 3.4 and 5.3 quartz capacity fryer can heat up quickly and evenly to deliver a delicious meal.

One Power Airfryer XL review by Ismael Bass asserts that cooking in this fryer is very easy and effortless. The versatility of the fryer helps in cooking a range of recipes without using additional equipment. The dishwasher-safe parts add to the easiness of cleaning after the food is cooked.


Power Airfryer XL Cons

Duane Cox’s Power Airfryer XL review complains that there is no way one can view the food while it is been cooked. The lack of a window makes it difficult for the user to judge whether the food is getting cooked properly or it is getting burnt or under-cooked.

Another frustrated customer, Randolph Simpson, exposes that the basket for the food in Power Airfryer XL doesn’t fit seamlessly into the unit and takes some effort to stay secure. Also, he found that the 3.4 quartz model isn’t suitable for cooking larger meals.

Amelia Vargas warns everyone in her Power Airfryer XL review that it doesn’t really deliver all the 6 cooking methods claimed by the manufacturer. This makes it difficult to cook recipes sometimes and along with the lack of a viewing window, users might require keeping checking the food mid cooking cycle. Also, she states that Power Airfryer XL’s cooking temperature doesn’t exceed 400 degrees Fahrenheit that might not suit all types of recipes.


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