Nuwave Nutri Pot vs Instant Pot

Compare What it does? Nuwave Nutri Pot vs Instant Pot

Nuwave Nutri Pot and Instant Pot are both digital pressure cookers that have multiple programmable options that can pressure cook, slow cook, delay, sear, and warm the food. They can be used for baking, sauté, rice cooking, steamer, yogurt making, etc. These systems are designed to be extremely user-friendly with 8 quart capacity each to speed up cooking times. Nuwave Nutri Pot assures to cook food up to 3 times faster than conventional cooking methods while Instant Pot speeds up the cooking by 2 to 6 times while consuming up to 70% less energy.

Nuwave Nutri Pot’s 1200 watt power and advanced cooking technology are flexible enough to cook any meal virtually imaginable at the touch of a button.

Instant Pot’s 14 built-in smart programs offer a multitude of choices and can be used for delayed cooking with a 24-hour timer. The cooker is designed to be noiseless and leak-proof so that it doesn’t create a ruckus while cooking. Its 3-ply bottom stainless steel inner pot ensures durability and easy cleaning with its non-stick coating. The exterior, on the other hand, is an elegantly crafted, durable brushed stainless-steel material that is fingerprint resistant. The smart 3rd generation technology based embedded microprocessor monitors the pressure and temperature to adjust the heating intensity automatically. Thanks to smart sensing, it traps the aromas of the food inside for a juicy, delicious meal every single time. The system offers peace of mind since it is UL certified and lab-tested for safety and protection with 10 proven safety mechanisms and patented technologies.


Compare Models: Nuwave Nutri Pot vs Instant Pot

Nuwave Nutri Pot – The Nutri-Pot with 6-quart cooking capacity is meant for small cuts of meat, meatballs, slow cooking and can even hold food for a buffet. It performs powerful cooking with the help of its 1000 Watts/ 8.33 Amps ratings. The 8-quart pot can cook a whole pork shoulder and medium cuts of meat with its 1200 Watts/ 10 Amps capacity. The powerful 10-quart pot with 1500 Watts/ 12.5 Amps power is great for cooking briskets, short ribs, and even whole meals for up to 10 people. The 13-quart cooking capacity pot uses a 1500 Watt/ 12.5 Amps power to cook large cuts of meat and can be used for large capacity canning as well.

Instant Pot – There is a range of Instant Pots available, each with a standard 120 V~60 Hz Voltage rating.

Both, 6-in-1 X60 V3 and 9-in-1 Duo Mini6QT models come with 1000 Watts heating element to cook meals quickly in their 6-quart capacity. The difference between the two is that V3 has 10 smart built-in programs and 7 preset temperatures while the Duo Mini6QT has 14 built-in programs and 12 preset temperatures. Both pots have button-based selection system with LED display and 10 safety features. They can pressure cook up to 4 hours respectively. A 3 quart 7-in-1 Duo Mini model is also available with 700 Watt power, 11 built-in programs and up to 6 hours cooking time.

The Duo Plus model of Instant Pot comes with an 8-quart capacity and 1200 Watt cooking power. With 14 built-in programs and 13 preset temperatures, it is easy to cook a wide variety of meals at the touch of a button with a cooking time of up to 4 hours.

Instant Pot also has advanced Smart Bluetooth and Ultra models that come with 6-quart capacity have 14 and 16 built-in programs respectively. Both of these cookers can cook at 1000 W power with 12 and 21 preset temperatures. The Ultra has a dial and a button for selection while The Smart model offers connectivity with smartphone and tablet as well. Both models have an LCD display for easy selection and feedback. They both can pressure cook up to 2 and 6 hours respectively and has 11 safety features and a quick release button for additional ease and protection.


Compare Lid: Nuwave Nutri Pot vs Instant Pot

The two electric cookers, Nuwave Nutri Pot and Instant Pot have a 3-point Lid Lock System and Smart Lid Sensor respectively. Both, these technologies ensure that the lid is in place at three independent points and is in perfect position for locking. They monitor if the lid is in an unsafe position and doesn’t pressurize till it fits properly and even keeps it locked to avoid opening of the cooker while it is still pressurized.


Compare Cooking Capacity: Nuwave Nutri Pot vs Instant Pot

The standard models of both Nuwave Nutri Pot and Instant Pot have an 8-quart cooking capacity.


Compare Wattage: Nuwave Nutri Pot vs Instant Pot

Both, Nuwave Nutri Pot and Instant Pot come with a 1200 Watt heating element.


Compare Controls: Nuwave Nutri Pot vs Instant Pot

Nuwave Nutri Pot – The pot comes with a temperature control unit that senses the temperature of the inner pot and shuts it down automatically in case the pot is empty or if it exceeds the maximum temperature.

Instant PotInstant Pot offers an Adjustable Temperature Setting that can be switched from Less, Normal, and More. These temperatures can be used in Sautee mode for searing, simmering, or thickening and also to achieve flexibility in the Slow Cook mode. An automatic sensor inside the pot ensures that it stays in the safe temperature range and monitor the food to avoid burning.


Compare Safety Features: Nuwave Nutri Pot vs Instant Pot

Nuwave Nutri Pot – This electric cooker comes with a Sure-Lock system that monitors the pressure level of the pot and keeps it in the safe level. The cool-to-touch lid comes with a 3-point Lid Lock system that locks the lid in three independent points. The unit will not pressurize till the lid is properly locked and not open if it isn’t depressurized. The Bottom Pressure Switch on Nuwave’s Nutri Pot monitors the cooking chamber to maintain optimum pressure and uses the Lower Disc and pressure relief valve to release pressure automatically in case if it gets over-pressurized. There is a Food Blocking Cap to ensure smooth functioning of the pressure vents by preventing food or liquids from clogging the valve. The temperature control thermostat of the inner pot uses an automatic sensor to shut it off in case the temperature exceeds the maximum limit.

Instant Pot – It comes with a Pressure Regulator that keeps the working pressure of the cooker under the safety limit. The smart cooker also features Anti-Blockage Vent to prevent food and juices getting clogged in the vent. A Safety Lid Lock helps in ensuring that the cooker functions only when it has been closed properly and doesn’t allow it to open if it is not depressurized completely. It has a Smart detection too in case the lid is leaky. Instant Pot features an Automatic Temperature Control that regulates its temperature to ensure that food doesn’t burn and cut the power off in case the internal temperature exceeds the safety limits. In case of excess pressure, it is released into the internal chamber to avert any danger with the help of Excess Pressure Protection feature.


Compare Preset Programs: Nuwave Nutri Pot vs Instant Pot

Nuwave Nutri Pot – It has a Touch & Go buttons with 11 Preset Cooking Functions.

Instant Pot – The pot features 14 Smart Programs.


Compare what is it good for: Nuwave Nutri Pot vs Instant Pot

Both, Nuwave Nutri Pot and Instant Pot can be used to cook food that is tender, flavorful while retaining its moisture, vitamins, and minerals. They can be used to pressure cook, slow cook, steam, sauté, make yogurt, warm food, and more.


Does it have Canning Option?

Yes, both Nuwave Nutri Pot and Instant Pot of them have it.


Does it have Slow Cooking Option?

Yes, Nuwave Nutri Pot and Instant Pot both can.


Compare Price: Nuwave Nutri Pot vs Instant Pot

Nuwave Nutri Pot – $ 109.47

Instant Pot – $ 99.95


Compare Warranty: Nuwave Nutri Pot vs Instant Pot

The two pressure cookers come with a 1-year warranty. 

Compare Reviews: Nuwave Nutri Pot vs Instant Pot

Nuwave Nutri Pot -No reviews available.


Instant Pot REVIEWS

Harry Hardy, an Instant Pot customer reveals in his review that it requires a lot of water to reach the pressure required to cook meals. He found the control panel too hard to read and says that lack of a clock and complexity of buttons can make it confusing for first-time users. He also states that the cooker is pretty big and can take a lot of counter space. He also noticed that the cookbook is outdated.

Another review of Instant Pot by Sherri Quinn complains that despite having a release button for quick pressure release, users might need to wait for about 2 hours for a meal. Her review adds that the smart feature didn’t work well while cooking brown rice.

A customer, Melissa Lyons asserts in her Instant Pot review that her cooker came with a cracked lid. She had quality issues with the plastic parts of the cooker that looked flimsy and unworthy of its price. Function wise, she had to do some trial and error to get the most out of the cooker since the user manual was difficult to read.

One Jason Olson discloses in his Instant Pot review that the lid doesn’t place easily for locking and is as much difficult when it comes to cleaning. He suspects that the coating of the cooker isn’t of high quality and might wear off after few uses.

Dan Coleman’s review of Instant Pot states that he found a pungent, unpleasant odor coming from the cooker’s gasket after several uses. The problem in removing it for cleanup is that it can result in loss of shape.

Kathy Bailey, another Instant Pot user states in her review that the cooker is pretty loud. She also found the control panel to be highly confusing and complicated to use. She also thinks that the pot size isn’t really 6 quart as promised.

One customer, David Roy warns that if rice is kept on warming it might start to stick. His review further says that some coating around the metal pot of Instant Pot is chipping off. According to his review, Instant Pot doesn’t clean easily and can ruin its finishing furthermore.


Nuwave Nutri-Pot REVIEW

The Nuwave Nutri-Pot works quite good, the idea of cooking so many variety of food in one pot is economic and saves you from the hassle of using different utensils for cooking some of the dishes and later cleaning it. It comes with a cookbook however, the recipes the cookbook includes most of them need a rack or other parts that you need to buy separately. Hence, you tend to spend more than anticipated on the product. Their pre-programmed ‘rice’ function makes rice gooey and nasty. In addition, there are not enough recipes online, Pinterest, or anywhere else to follow so you are stuck pretty much making the 3-4 entire recipes enclosed in the cookbook provided. Therefore, there are many customers who would opt for other brand over Nuwave Nutri-Pot.

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  1. I bought a Nuwave Nutripot because it was on sale for 68.00 and we didn’t have a pressure cooker that I wasn’t afraid of. We’ve used it for many things – and it’s awesome. For the most part – I just use the Instant Pot recipes! They mostly work fine. The unfortunate thing about the pot– the slow cooker just has a set temperature – you can’t adjust it for low – regular or high (boo!) but other than that – no complaints! PS – I made white rice and it was PERFECT and I am super-picky about rice i.e. individual grains, not sticky, etc…

  2. Nuwave holds itself out as a slow cooker but the instructions for slow cooking state the regular lid must not be used but only the clear glass lid which is available only as an option. the glass lid is packaged with a rack for $30 plus another $10 shipping. Their web site offers the pot for $60 plus three free gifts including the rack/lid. Customer service would only offer me $10 off plus $10 shipping and handling. Bad customer service.

  3. I was given the Nuwave Nutrition pot as a gift. While doing an on-line search for recipes, Insta pot keeps showing up. Can I use Insta pot recipes in my Nuwave? Thanks for any help.

  4. I love Nuti pot it is the best one I ‘ve had and I got everything you use with it except the cake pan I want it.Does great every use.

  5. Nuwave is the best pot for the money. Whether 6 or 8 qt., it cooks perfectly. You should look at other pressure cooking recipes and they are all compatible. A pressure cooker is a pressure cooker. The stainless steel rack or glass top can be bought individually in most cooking type stores or even the kitchen section of Wal-mart or Costco’s as examples. Most of all, have fun with it. Always remember to clean/rinse your rice of starch and add 2 cups of water for every cup of rice for rice cooking.

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