Nomiku vs Anova vs Joule

Compare what does it do? Nomiku vs Anova vs Joule

This high quality kitchen appliance facilitates the sous vide method of cooking (placing vacuum-sealed food in controlled water bath by immersing ingredients in water to have them turn out impeccably cooked) used by top chefs right at home. It has been designed to upgrade method of cooking by incorporating technology and hi-tech functions like automatic control from anywhere over WiFi and a popular app. Nomiku also guarantees complete cook-from-scratch functionalities of WiFi and other modes of technology.

It gives access to sous vide, a cooking technique made famous by professional chefs for superior results it creates It is known to be a pro at cooking foods evenly food to precise temperature for impeccable recipes. One can cook virtually everything with Anova including everyday meals, soups, desserts. In addition to that, Anova is also used for heating and circulating water flawlessly.

This immersion circulator from the house of ChefSteps is made for sous vide, which enables users to cook just like professional chefs. It cooks foods evenly food to precise temperature by heating water faster than any other immersion circulator. It is able to maintain temperature with complete precision for flawless cooking Joule also works with a pioneering app that ensures nothing goes wrong
It grants one the choice to cook from anywhere as it is hi-tech appliance crafted to deliver all its advantages.


Is it any better than traditional cooking methods

It appears to be more advanced and quicker as it has the advantage of technology and still guarantee incredibly delicious food. It claims it goes beyond traditional cooking methods.

With its incorporation of technology and state-of-the-art features it promises perfection in taste and convenience that traditional methods don’t.

The fact that it is a hi-tech appliance driven by state-of-the-art technology equips it with numerous advantages that one would not find in traditional cooking methods and yet be able to enjoy great flavour and feel.


Whom is it for?

It is now accessible to customers from every walk of life. It is being projected as the top secret that only chefs used but is now being shared with the world.

Its target audience is regular customers- anyone who’d like to cook professional quality food at home.

Anyone interested in sous vide can cook in Joule; it’s not meant only for professionals or experts.


Compare Wattage: Nomiku vs Anova vs Joule

1100 watts

800 watts

1100 watts


Compare Temp Range

0°C to 95°C

25°C to 99°C

20°C to 98°C


Compare Pump Speed

8 liters per minute

7 to 8 liters per minute

6 liters per minute


Does it have a Directional Pump

Not mentioned

360-degree directional pump

Not mentioned


Compare Tank Capacity: Nomiku vs Anova vs Joule

8 to 10 gallon (30 liters) circulation capacity

4-5 Gallons / 15-19 liters

10+ gallons (40+ liters)


Compare Timer: Nomiku vs Anova vs Joule

Can be set at the main menu and a knob provided can be used to set the timer.

Timer can be set up easily and to have it displayed, the following steps need to be carried out:
1) Press and hold Play/ Start for eight seconds
2) Press and hold its timer icon for three seconds for setting time via the scroll wheel
Pressing Start or the timer icon again will begin the timer countdown

Can be set during a “manual mode” cook which can be accessed by tapping power button and the “Set a timer” button, which gets the timer to start immediately.


Compare Heating Power

1100 watts power gets it to heat water from 75F to 135F in 16 minutes.

800 Watts power (takes about 24 minutes to heat water from 75F to 135F)

1100 watts powers heating intensity


Compare Safety Feature: Nomiku vs Anova vs Joule


  • Alerting users when they reach temperature level that harbour harmful bacteria.
  • There’s a lightning bolt icon with a line through it which appears on the when power to the machine is interrupted, which lowers the temperature of water so there’s no mishap.
  • Frequent notes and labels warning about hot surfaces included.
  • Protection from high voltage incorporated.



  • Features bi-metal fuse associated with safety standards.
  • Does not stop the cooking on the app remotely, which ensures food has to be cooked in one go instead of halting and letting unfriendly bacteria spoil it.
  • Since it’s made of plastic, it offers some level of safety, which metal casing appliances cannot.



  • Water-resistant
  • Secure data transfer over WiFi and Bluetooth Smart
  • Thermal cut-off protection
  • High current protection


Compare Price: Nomiku vs Anova vs Joule





Compare Warranty: Nomiku vs Anova vs Joule

Nomiku, Anova and Joule
One-year manufacturer’s warranty


Compare Pros and Cons

Nomiku Pros:

  • Supports the sous vide method of cooking.
  • Meets standards approved by top chefs.
  • Quick and convenient.
  • Integrates top-rung technology and hi-tech functions like Wi-fi connectivity, control with apps.

    Nomiku Cons:

  • Rather bulky and heavy
  • Its sous vide cooking, a time-consuming and demanding procedure, requires devoted planning such as setting up the ice bath, getting the appliance ready, looking after Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and working along with its app to start cooking at the correct time.
  • App not very resourceful with regards to sous-vide guides and tips.
  • On the expensive side.

    Anova Pros:

    • Hassle-free- does not require complex equipment to work
    • Simple interface to set time and temperature manually. Anova Culinary app for correct cook settings also available
    • Bluetooth connectivity enabled
    • 360° directional pump for supreme circulation
    • User-adjustable temperature calibration
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to disassemble for cleaning

    Jeanne Hoffman says that she recommends the Anova cooker for beginners since it is a really nice learning tool for cooking.

    Rebecca Morris says- “I love the Anova water heater. It is easy to use, easy to clean and has a very precise temp control”.

    Margaret Pierce says- “The free phone app is great and gets you started. But once you’ve cooked a few meals you really don’t need to use the app”.


    Anova Cons:

    • Not very durable as its housing is made of plastic.
    • Not for users who cannot devote time as per the sous vide cooking procedure that demands considerable planning involving setting up the ice bath, readying the appliance, ensuring it is connected to Bluetooth and WiFi and monitor its app to begin cooking at the right time.
    • Slow procedure.
    • App not very resourceful as it needs to be upgraded.

    Cristina Pittman writes in her review – “Something went wrong with the thermostat and it no longer was able to regulate a correct temperature”.

    Naomi Morrison complains – “Anova changed the app to require a login just to cook a meal. They are apparently more interested in mining data than pleasing their customers. I bought the Bluetooth version so I could monitor it, but now the app requires a login, and I object to logging in just to monitor this expensive device. I can’t recommend it any more”.


    Joule Pros

    • Smallest and most powerful sous vide tool.
    • Heats water faster than other immersion circulators and precision cookers.
    • Powered by highly proficient superior app that features Visual Doneness (TM) which displays exactly how cooking takes place.
    • Space-saving compact appliance.
    • Works with iPhone or Android. Can be connected with Bluetooth and also works with WiFi.

    Felicia Rios says- “The build quality and performance of the Joule is great”.

    Christine Potter claims in her review – “Used it to make several cuts of steak, pork chops, and salmon. The food is delicious. This is the best way to cook steak indoors. It cooks them through perfectly and you can leave the steaks in there after they are done without worrying about overcooking them”.

    Patti Floyd mentions in her review – “Have made a few steaks, some pots de creme, and cheesecake in a jar, all using the Joule app recipes. All worked out wonderfully”.


    Joule Cons

    • Works with only 120 V outlets
    • Precise heating technology involves risk of voltage transformers and converters leading to damage
    • Cannot be used outside North America as warranty will stand void.
    • Small water-level range
    • App and internet connection necessary for operation
    • No digital readout display, just led indicators present on the appliance

    Vanessa Waters says in her review – “Have used it twice with very good results. However now I can’t get the app to start the device, says it lost power and the dot turns orange. Have tried all of the troubleshooting ideas but with no success. I have even tried using three different phones”.

    Courtney Day writes in her review – “Worked great for a while, then wouldn’t stay connected to Bluetooth and then started having issues maintaining temperature”.

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