Ninja Foodi vs Nuwave Air Fryer

Compare what is it good for? Ninja Foodi vs Nuwave

Ninja Foodi
Adding a deliciously crispy touch to recipes after pressure cooking them is, according to the makers of for Ninja Foodi, an effortless task for it. It does a great job of pressure cooking and air frying in one pot with the help of its special TenderCrisp™ Technology. The Ninja Foodi is also accomplished at saving cooking time (as much as 70%) and also simplifying cooking procedure for your convenience. It comes with two separate lids for carrying out different cooking functions. It uses sophisticated technology and functions that enables it to make cooking quick, easy and pleasurable as it is also easy to operate as well as clean.
Ninja Foodie

Nuwave Air Fryer
It is the perfect air fryer to own for preparing healthy and delicious recipes such as french fries, fried chicken, mozzarella sticks and more which everyone loves. Nuwave Air Fryer is highly proficient at baking, roasting, grilling, broiling, toasting, etc. It ‘fries’ food on air using minimal or no oil, which ensures healthier eating without compromising on taste. Advanced features like accurate temperature control with 5 degree adjustments
and sophisticated LCD display show the exact temperature on which meals are being cooked.
Nuwave Brio Air Fryer


Compare Cooking Method: Ninja Foodi vs Nuwave

Ninja Foodi
It commences the process of cooking by pressure cooking foods first that lock in juices of ingredients, and then makes recipes crispy with its exclusive crisping lid. The TenderCrisp Technology, the special feature this ‘pressure cooker that crisps’ boasts of, also pressure cooks frozen meats, defrosts them really fast and cooks them as quickly with flavorsome results.

Nuwave Air Fryer
It distributes heat uniformly to all parts of ingredients while cooking and minimizes temperature fluctuation, and cooks using very little or no oil. Another highlight of the cooking method of Nuwave Air Fryer is its hi-tech digital LCD display which takes guesswork and uncertainty out of cooking because it adjusts cooking temperature by as little as 5 degrees. Also, it cooks at 360°F by default, which facilitates smooth operation.


Compare Lid: Ninja Foodi vs Nuwave

Ninja Foodi
This pressure cooker has two lids, viz. pressure lid and crisping lid for separate cooking functions.

Nuwave Air Fryer
Not mentioned


Compare Cooking Capacity

Ninja Foodi
6.5 quarts

Nuwave Air Fryer
6 quarts


Compare Material

Ninja Foodi
Its body is made from stainless steel, and parts like pot and cook-and-crisp basket have ceramic coating.

Nuwave Air Fryer
It is made from plastic.


Compare Wattage

Ninja Foodi
1,400 Watts

Nuwave Air Fryer
1,800 watts


Compare Controls

Ninja Foodi
Basic control panel (without presets) for customized cooking results

Nuwave Air Fryer
Digital controls


Compare Safety Features: Ninja Foodi vs Nuwave Air Fryer

Ninja Foodi
UL-Certified safety mechanisms 14 levels of safety known to be associated with stringent safety standards are applied to Ninja Foodi.

Nuwave Air Fryer
It has built-in automatic shutoff that prevents mishaps in case of inability to switch it off personally.


Compare Preset Programs

Ninja Foodi
There are no present programs.

Nuwave Air Fryer
The “menu” button facilitates navigating through the following preset functions for cooking:

  • Fries
  • Frozen fries
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Steak
  • Poultry
  • Fish


Compare Temperature Range

Ninja Foodi
Temperature range not mentioned

Nuwave Air Fryer
From 100-400 degree in 5-degree increments


Does it have Canning Option?

Ninja Foodi
Yes, the Ninja Foodi features canning option.

Nuwave Air Fryer
Not mentioned


Does it have Slow Cooking Option?

Ninja Foodi
Yes, it does.

Nuwave Air Fryer
Not mentioned


Compare Price

Ninja Foodi

Nuwave Air Fryer


Compare Warranty

Ninja Foodi
It comes with 12-month warranty.

Nuwave Air Fryer
It features a limited warranty for one year.


Compare Pros and Cons

Ninja Foodi Pros

The Ninja Foodi is a resourceful appliance that broadens the possibilities of cooking functions and allows you to sear, steam and tenderize ingredients. It is also good at slow cooking besides air frying, baking, roasting, and broiling.

The TenderCrisp Technology of this appliance is a notable feature that makes ingredients perfectly crispy and inviting right at home.

Since it cooks with very little or no oil and locks in juices of ingredients, recipes prepared by it are healthy as well as delicious and crispy.

The Ninja Foodi is perfect for people hard-pressed for time as it simple and easy to use, saves time considerably since it cooks even frozen foods faster and can be cleaned very easily.


Ninja Foodi Cons

One of the issues that users of Ninja Foodi face is the inconvenience due to large size. It occupies a lot of countertop space and restricts proper movements while cooking.

Ninja Foodi comes with two separate lids for cooking, viz. crisping lid and pressure lid, with the former being attached to the unit. Using either and changing them for preparing different

Also, the crisping lid isn’t detachable, which makes it flip up when not in use. Another point of concern is the price of Ninja Foodi, which could have been lesser.

There also are issues related to functioning of the other components like its silicon sealing ring, which cannot be overlooked.

In addition, there are times when there’s a lack of stability one faces while operating it as it feels heavier on one side due to its crisping lid. A risk of the unit tumbling down due to it cannot be ruled out.


Nuwave Air Fryer Pros

The Nuwave Air Fryer is known to be a pro at preparing commonly relished recipes like air fried fries, chicken legs, thighs, hot wings well.

It has ample space, which means it is useful for cooking enough food for a group.

Air frying French fries in the Nuwave Air Fryer is especially fruitful as it does that smoothly without creating greasiness on fries and also does away with the chore of disposing used oil.

It makes numerous recipes turn out really delicious as well as crispy besides healthy to eat, owing to use of minimal or no oil while cooking them.

Further, there is no unwanted smelliness or odor in foods that boiling oil usually leaves behind.

Also, cleaning up the appliance is also easy and convenient, which is a huge plus point.


Nuwave Air Fryer Cons

Some customers have expressed disappointment with the Nuwave Air Fryer on account of the price being on the higher side and deficiencies in certain functions.

Food cooked in the Nuwave Air Fryer may also give out smell of plastic for some reason, which dampens the taste and mood while eating.

The instructions and details given in the recipe book are also not precise; some points are missing while others can be termed misleading.

Its make and quality also pose problems. According to feedback from some users, the coating on parts like the base tray came off within three months despite cleaning it as per instructions provided in the recipe book.

In addition, cooking time of certain recipes mentioned is also not accurate, which can be ruinous.

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