Kool Grill REVIEW

What is Kool Grill?

We all love the smell and taste of barbequed food but regular BBQ’s can be dangerous, take up too much space or can be too bulky to take to the beach, park or party? Here’s introducing the go anywhere, cook anywhere Kool Grill. Kool Grill is the ultimate lightweight, portable BBQ that you can take with you everywhere.



How to use Kool Grill?

Simply light the grill, place on the lid and snap the lock into place. All you need is a lighter gel and a handful of charcoal to cook delicious and flavorful meals. The Kool grill lets you cook continuously for up to 11/2 hours.

How does Kool Grill work? – The secret of Kool Grill is its airflow control and even heat distribution system that gives you precise control of the air flow and cooking temperature and at the same time it circulates cold air between the inner and outer bowl so the outside stays cook to the touch. This makes it safe to pick up and move whenever you want.

Fast and easy BBQ meals – Kool Grill is the quick, easy and fun way to cook BBQ meals.

Carry Anywhere – You can take your Kool Grill to the beach, boat, park, camping or even your own backyard.

Expanded cooking space design – Expanded cooking space design can cook up to 6 steaks, 8 burgers and 16 sausages, and 20 chicken wings

Healthy meals – The fat drips away from the food into the fat drain bowl making your meals both delicious and healthy too.

Great for all food – The Kool Grill is perfect to cook steaks, chicken, fish, gourmet BBQ, pizza, popcorn, desserts and more!

Dishwasher Safe – The Kool Grill is easy to clean. Simply put it in the dishwasher and you are ready to BBQ again!


Kool Grill Reviews

Donna Griffith, a customer who reviewed Kool Grill, states that it is really quick and easy to start cooking. She further adds that the grill isn’t just perfect for cooking but also is easy to clean up after.

According to Warren Morrison’s review, Kool Grill offers ample cooking space for food items. It has space to place 6 burgers or 6 sausages or 6 vegetable kebabs in one go. While doing so, the grill has enough space and time to roast peaches or apples on the side.

As per Marvin Night, the grill is highly safe to use but has a little drawback since it doesn’t retain the heat for a longer duration. He also mentions that it would have worked better if it was larger than the size it comes in.

Kelly Hale, a reviewer, reveals that one needs to get accustomed to the best areas on Kool Grill to place food while cooking. She mentions that it can be used as a BBQ but a food can also be cooked on it by using a large frying pan.

Edmund Dixon’s Kool Grill review states that its fat and grease reservoir works great to collect and drain excess fat once the cooking is done.


Kool Grill Questions and Answers

Q: What material is Kool Grill made from?
A: The body of this grill is made of stainless steel and plastic materials.

Q: What are its dimensions?
A: It has a 23 cm approximate height and 40 cm diameter.

Q: How much is the cooking area or grill size?
A: 40 cm.

Q: What are the steps to use Kool Grill?
A: Turn on the fan, light the gel, and place the charcoal cage on the lighter plate. Once done, lock the grill and start cooking after 5 minutes.

Q: Will Kool Grill work as an indoor grill?
A: It requires a well-ventilated space since it uses charcoal.

Q: What are the materials required to use this grill?
A: Natural hardwood charcoal can be used for flavorful results. It is recommended to use Walnut-sized chunks for best results. It also requires the use of a standard lighter gel and 4 AA batteries.

Q: What is the best way to clean Kool Grill?
A: The grill and stainless steel inner bowl should be cleaned using warm water and detergent or placed in a dishwasher. The outer bowl should be cleaned only with a damp cloth. For storage, the grill should be cooled down completely and batteries should be removed if it is stored for a long time. The charcoal cage will need replacement from time to time.


Order the Kool Grill today! | Official Website: KoolGrill.co.nz

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  1. this product is about as handy as ice blocks in the antarctic

  2. TV shop are selling these without the thermostat/ Lid knob, their excuse is they have run out of stock.
    How dare they sell this knowing the product is incomplete.
    My 83 year old mum purchased 2 of these, buy one get one free as Xmas gifts for my sister and I and paid over $400
    Shame on you TV SHOP

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