Grill Wiz Review | Does Work?

What is Grill Wiz?

It claims to be all-in-one barbecue and kitchen accessory that lets you baste, mop and inject with one easy to use kitchen tool. Unlike the old basting mops that are made from yarn, the Grill Wiz stainless steel mop will not absorb your sauce or marinade. You can use the Grill Wiz to baste chicken or use it to inject pork roast. Using the Grill Wiz is easy, the manufacturer claims in his official review at The Grill Wiz has three separate components [hence ii is “3-in-1” kitchen accessory].

Grill Wiz Review | Does Work?



What does Grill Wiz Do?

  • The Reservoir Vacuum Pump with the handle which you can fill with the sauces and marinade. The injector handle pumps sauce while you baste.
  • Basting Attachment – Keeps your barbecue moist. Baste your bird or roast with a continuous flow of liquid.
  • Inject Juices – Inject the juices directly into the meat.
  • Stainless Steel Mop – Easily mop sauces onto the ribs and wings. Sauces won’t be absorbed by the stainless steel mop of the Grill Wiz Being stainless steel, the mop is also easy to clean.


How to use the Grill Wiz?

To use the Grill Wiz, simply fill the reservoir with the sauce, juice or marinade with the vacuum pump handle. With the Grill Wiz, you can also baste while you marinate. All the three accessories are detachable and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Traditionally you have been using a different tools for performing various BBQ tasks . The Grill Wiz combines the functionality of all the three accessories into one, but does it really work? – find out in the review section below.



Grill Wiz Price

Grill Wiz is available at $29.99 + $6.99 P&H. The Grill Wiz is available at the official website

Grill Wiz Price Analysis

You get TWO Grill Wiz tools for the price of $29.99, if you buy the accessories [meat injector, baste brush] separately you would still end up paying less than $40. Here is how:
  • Plastic Meat Injector cost as low as $10. And if you go for stainless steel injectors they too cost around $20.
  • Branded [like OXO] Silicone Brushes cost around $10.
  • Cotton Basting Mops are available for $10 [that too a pack of three].
  • Verdict – So if you add up the cost of all the above accessories, it is well below $40. There is no need for you to spend $30 on the Grill Wiz kit.


Grill Wiz Reviews

while all other accessories of the Grill Wiz are nothing new, the stainless steel basting mop however is a new invention but has little benefits.



Not the Best Basting Brush

Apparently the manufacturers claim that Grill Wiz does does not “absorb” the sauce shows that the stainless steel mop does not work. Though the Grill Wiz claims to be better than the traditional threaded mops but when it comes to application the Grill Wiz stainless steel brush fails to deliver the results like the good old meat brush. The stainless steel mop just does not hold enough sauce like the cotton basting mop does. You have to do a lot of cycles to get good amount of sauce/marinade on the roast, increasing [wasting] cooking time. Not getting enough sauce on the meat in time can cause the meat to to smoke. The Grill Wiz stainless steel brush does not cover the meat like the cotton mop does. It is a fail.



Only the Attachments are made of stainless steel, not the body [Reservoir and Pump] of the Grill Wiz. The handle and the pump are made of plastic and will not last long.



Our Verdict on Grill Wiz

Nope we do not recommend the Grill Wiz is it has no benefits over the tried and tested wooden BBQ basting mops that are available for around $5 a piece. If you are concerned about the cotton mops absorbing too much sauce and being difficult and messy to clean, we would recommend going for silicone brushes – the stainless-steel Grill Wiz is definitely not the right tool. The Grill Wiz is just another stupid invention that you don’t need.

As mentioned in the review above, stick to the good old sauce injector and basting brush and BBQ mop for faster results.


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