Granitestone Smokeless Grill Review | Review

How does Granitestone Smokeless Grill Work?

The Granitestone Smokeless Grill claims to have a a “Powered Grilling Plate” which supposedly is pressed from solid Aluminum for even heat conduction. This plate is then coated three times with the “Granitestone” finish. As per the claims made in, this allows to food to be cooked “inside down”. You don’t need any butter or oil to cook the food and the food does stick to the grilling plate.


Granitestone Smokeless Grill Review | Review


Metal Utensil Safe

The Granitestone Smokeless Grill claims to be Metal Utensil Safe and won’t scratch. To demonstrate the durability of the Granitestone Smokeless Grill, the ad on the official website shows a stone been broken to pieces on the grill plate with a hammer, and of-course the Granitestone Smokeless Grill survives the impact. The Granitestone Smokeless Grill comes with a 10-Year warranty.


What makes it “Smokeless”

The Granitestone Smokeless Grill features a two-layer construction allows the oil to drip down in the catch plate below the grill, away from the heat so that it won’t flare up and burn or create smoke. The grease drips away but the Flavour stays in. Features large grilling surface.


Granitestone Smokeless Grill Uses


The Goods of Granitestone Smokeless Grill

Great for Indoor grilling and also when camping. Gets really hot to the point where it can sear the food. The Granitestone Smokeless Grill has a small grilling surface and can grill food for two people. Cooks hamburgers and hot dogs pretty well.

Grill chicken fairly well but the chicken needs to be placed at the center, if placed at the corners the chicken won’t be completely cooked.


Plastic Construction

There are a lot of plastic parts that make the grill look somewhat flimsy. If you happen to drop it, it will certainly break. The heating element, the grills, and pan are solid. The Granitestone Smokeless Grill does not drain the grease very elegantly. Even the food cooked in the Granitestone Smokeless Grill tastes like plastic.


Does Not Heat Evenly

The most common complaint of the Granitestone Smokeless Grill is that it does heat evenly. One side of the Granitestone Smokeless Grill gets more hot tan the other. This leaves the food half-cooked. The grill does heat up quickly though. The uneven cooking creates dry flakes on the food and the grilling plate. This calls for laborious cleaning of the Granitestone Smokeless Grill everytime you use it. No all the grease drains from the food, much of it sits just below the food.


Scratches & Chips

The grilling plate does get scratches, so don’t believe the claims made by the Those tests [breaking of the stone on the grilling plate] and demonstrations are mere marketing ploys. Reviewers complain that the grilling plate get scratched by silicone utensils too. The supposed “diamond coating” begins to chip in just a few weeks.


Granitestone Smokeless Grill Cleaning

The cleaning of the grill is not easy because it does not have a lid and the the oil splatters everywhere. You have to scrape the grill plate to get id of the spilled grease. This can cause the the non-stick coating to peel off. Non-Electrical Parts are Dishwasher-Safe but the grease and the oil splatter makes its way in to the nicks and crannies and cleaning in those spots is a real pain. It is recommended to clean the Granitestone Smokeless Grill with soft sponge or paper towels with mild dish soap. Since the Granitestone Smokeless Grill does not come with a glass lid, there is a lot of splatter and this can make cleaning a difficult task.

One reviewer mentions that he made Burgers with the Granitestone Smokeless Grill and had oil the oil splatter on the kitchen countertop. You cannot clean it immediately after you have used it. You have to wait until the grill cools down.


Cooks Slowly

The Granitestone Smokeless Grill is slow when it comes to cooking certain type of food like chicken. As one reviewer suggests, the trick is to cut the food in small pieces then the food would cook faster. Since the Granitestone Smokeless Grill does not come with a lid, a lot of energy is dissipated making the food to take long time to cook.


Does Not Taste Like A Outdoor Grill

The Granitestone Smokeless Grill does make the grill marks on the food, though not like what you get from an outdoor grill. The food cooked on Granitestone Smokeless Grill does not taste like it was “chargrilled”. The food cooked on Granitestone Smokeless Grill lacks the “chargrilled” flavor that you get from an outdoor grill. Fills the house with the odor which takes some tome to go away.


Our Verdict On Granitestone Smokeless Grill

The is not the only “Smokeless” grill without lid out there, there are plenty of them and they are approximately 10% cheaper than the Granitestone Smokeless Grill. There is nothing to the “Diamond Infused” coating and it too chips and scratches like the teflon. You are better off buying the less expensive alternatives.

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