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What is Food Genie?

Food Genie is a pressure cooker combined with an air fryer. There is nothing new about the Foo Genie and there are several of these “combos” out there in the market. The supposed “Supreme Crisp” technology of the Food Genie claims to let you cook 70% faster than conventional ovens. The Food Genie air fryer claims to make your food crispy and crunchy. The promoters of Food Genie claim that the pressure cooker cum air fryer can cook even frozen food without the need to thaw. The Food Genie like all other pressure cooker cum air fryer features two different lids:

Food Genie Review

How does Food Genie Work?

Food Genie works as an Air Fryer as well as an electric pressure cooker. But it does not work as both the machines at the same time. The secret is in the lid, the Food Genie comes with two lids which make it an “air fryer” and a “pressure cooker”.

Food Genie as a Pressure Cooker

An airtight lid traps the steam inside the Food Genie cooker and the pressure generated by the steam forces the moisture inside the food making it cook from the inside. The promoters of Food Genie claim that their cooker is so efficient that it can pressure cook even ribs.

Air Fryer

The air fryer works on the principle of Convection cooking. An air fryer lid which has a fan and heating element, circulates hot air inside the cooking chamber which makes the food crunchy. The perforated air fryers basket brings the food in contact with hot air, cooking the food from all sides. Once you pressure cook the food, it’s time to make your food crunchy. Just change the pressure cooker lid with the air fryer one and the ribs turn brown and crispy, as per the promoters review.


Why is it called Food “GENIE”

Because it can be used like a GENIE to make all your favorite foods. So, what does the Food Genie do? after all? The Food Genie claims to do following cooking functions:
  • Air Fry – One of the primary cooking method of Food Genie. The healthiest cooking option which uses minimum or almost no oil or grease to cook any food.
  • Pressure Cook – One of the primary cooking method used in all modern electric cooking pots including the Food Genie. Pressure cooking is quick, energy-efficient, retains nutrients and has several other benefits.
  • Sous Vide – The carefree “under-vacuum” slow cooking method of cooking ensures food is not overcooked in the Food Genie.
  • Dehydrate – Use the Food Genie as a “Food Dehydrator” to remove the moisture from it and preserve the food longer.
  • Bake – You can also use the Food Genie like an oven to bake food by using the air fryer heating element.
  • Stew – You can use the Food Genie to stew cook your favorite gravies.
  • Slow Cook – Love barbecue and savory food? Food Genie‘s “Slow Cook” function allows you to cook your food at lower temperatures.
  • Canning – Pressure can pickles, fruits, veggies and more for over a year with the Canning features of the Food Genie.
  • Saute – Is air frying too dry for your taste? cook with minimal amount of fat at high temperature with the Saute method of Food Genie.
  • Yogurt – Yogurt is obtained by fermenting milk. You can “incubate” milk at a steady temperature of 110 and 116°F to make perfect Yogurt with the Food Genie.
  • Air Grill – The Food Genie uses hot air (450 Degree F to 500 Degree F) to sear, sizzle and air fry your food to make it crispy without oil.
  • Steam – “Steam Cooking” function of Food Genie retains the natural nutrients and flavor of the food being cooked. Steaming is also a quick way to fix your meal.

Accessories/Parts of the Food Genie

  • Cast Iron Grill Insert – Tough grill insert that gets hot fast and stays hot for longer duration. Cast Iron grill insert is great for searing meat.
  • Copper Frying Pot – Copper has excellent heat conductivity, this helps in even cooking of the food.
  • Air fryer Basket – Keeps grease away from your food and facilitates air to circulate around the food.
  • Cake Pan with Tray – Non-stick and dishwasher safe. Perfect size for baking delicious cakes and brownies.
  • Silicone Mitt – Protect your hands in the kitchen.
  • Egg Rack – Make a batch of perfectly hard boiled eggs in the Food Genie.
  • Silicone Egg Poacher – For perfectly poached eggs.


Food Genie REVIEW

Too Small

Some customers who’ve used Food Genie have expressed sheer disappointment with its performance. They have posted several complaints that state that this air fryer has failed miserably on several fronts. To begin with, its design is not at all up to the mark; its basket is was too small. The appliance does not have any advanced features. You have to do a lot of tasks like stirring, tossing and moving the ingredients manually in the appliance yourself. Also, a number of food items don’t turn up crispy but get too dried in it.


Not Worth the Price

One of the users has written in her review that she expected Food Genie to be better than the other appliances she’s used. However, she found it to be no better than her toaster oven of the same size and equal specifications. She’s regretting spending money over this appliance, which she feels isn’t doing anything exceptional.


Functions and Limitations

One more customer has said that ‘super-hyped’ appliances like Food Genie or some others like the Instant Pot or pressure cooker come with their own set of limitations. According to her, while these appliances look fantastic and do have some advanced features, it’s not necessary that they will cook the way you expect them to. She says that traditional appliances and methods of cooking seem much better to her. They may take a little more time and demand more effort, but nothing beats the way they stir up your favorite recipes the traditional way.

Another customer has written in that she tried using the Food Genie as a slow cooker with its optional glass lid. Although it prepared a decent meal for her, she thinks it is not in any way as good as an authentic slow cooker. Food Genie may look appealing and claim to weave magic, but it’s not an uncomplicated appliance. You need to have patience to get used to cooking in it. It takes time to understand the mechanism and nuances of such ‘exotic’ appliances and one cannot really take a chance or be laid-back while using them.


Some common issues you tend to face while using an air fryer or some of the other ‘sophisticated’ appliances is their functionality issues. For instance, you may not get the exact cooking time right, nor be able to gauge functions like steam release time and exact duration of heating. You may be expecting your new appliance to cook your food real quick as it’s ‘instant’, but the reality could be the opposite. Whatever claims are made by their manufacturers about cutting down your cooking time by more than half are completely false. This is a complaint that is posted by quite a few users, who buy appliances thinking their cooking woes will be gone, but actually don’t.


A user in his review of Food Genie has complained that the appliance is far too small. It can cook for just one person but not the entire family. One will have to actually use it a number of times if the family is big or if there are visitors to feed. It can prepare very few chicken wings or fries. He’s said that that same goes for appliances like Instant Pot.


Too Much of Hassle

The problem is that such machines are so small that they cannot process foods properly. As a result, things don’t turn out as crispy as you want. You have to put in extra effort, such as pressure cooking or slow cooking food beforehand and then using your newfound appliance. Carrying out the entire procedure, including keeping your pressure cooked/ slow cooked food inside the appliance like an air fryer and placing its special lid on its top is a task.

Difficult to Use

Other issues that reviews of this appliance have pointed out are lack of proper display and inconsistency in cooking. A common complaint about using it is that one has to strain her or his neck to read what’s displayed on the screen as it’s positioned too low. Lack of clear instructions is also a problem that quite a few users have mentioned. In fact, it gets so stressful sometimes that trying out a new recipe becomes a source of worry. There’s every chance that something will go wrong despite doing everything you can. Using an air fryer or other ‘state-of-the-art’ appliances, therefore, is not easy as you can’t rely on the claims sellers make to sell their product.


Food Genie Pricing

The Food Genie is priced at $119.99 + $14.99 S/h which is quiet cheaper (by 67%) compared to other similar “Electric Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer” Combos. The Food Genie is available only at the official website The company behind Food Genie is Telebrands. Food Genie does not have any warranty and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Food Genie Offer Review

Cookers Emeril Lagasse Pressure Air Fryer Cooker Instant Pot Air Fryer Ninja Foodi Food Genie Savings
Price $179.99 $179.99 $179.99 $119.99 50% Food Genie is 67% cheaper than other “Pressure Air Fryers”


Our Verdict on the Food Genie

The brand behind the Food Genie is Telebrands – an as seen on tv company not known to create quality products like an electric cooker. Food Genie is not the only “Air Fryer with Pressure Cooker” available in the market. There are several of them from Ninja, Emeril Lagasse and Instant Pot. The Instant Pot Pressure Air Fryer is the most popular, tried and tested Pressure Air Fryer. We recommend the Instant Pot over the Food Genie.

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    Your Food Genie Review appears to be fabricated by someone who has never bought, seen or used the product. To put this in perspective, Food Genie is not yet available on the market at the time your Review Report was published on 14th June 2020 and limited Product samples were strictly available to our exclusive list.

    If your Report is based on the genuine findings and various other consumer review comments as stated, we ask for your immediate provision to us including but not limited to Food Genie test results, customers list and their (quite a few users as your Report had stated) review copies and or your interview notes.

    We ask, therefore, that your organization (1) immediately remove the Food Genie Review | Report and any other public documents all representations of the same and similar nature; and (2) contact us immediately to inform us that you have done so.

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