Big Boss Oil Less Fryer Vs NuWave Oven Pro Review

Compare what is it? Big Boss Oil Less Fryer Vs NuWave Oven Pro

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer – Big Boss Oil Less Fryer is an energy efficient tabletop cooker that ensures that you can cook in a healthy way without any added oils or fats. What’s more, you can ensure that food you cook stays moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. Halogen heat responsible for browning food and roasting, convection for even distribution of heat to cook faster and infrared heat to cook inside out and seal in the juices, work in tandem here. From cooking meats to fish, you can use it to make various things including desserts without having to defrost or preheat. You can look at the cooking process through the glass dome and the tight seal ensures that hot air remains inside so that your kitchen is not heated up.

It makes the most of infrared, convection and halogen cooking sources so that you can make deep fried dishes including French fries and chicken wings without adding oil. These healthy treats will be succulent while they are brown from the outside. There’s a recipe book to look forward to and tools like mesh basket and grill racks mean you can experiment with your cooking too.


Nuwave Oven Pro – Nuwave Oven Pro lets you cook great tasting food; from frozen dinners to apple crisp in a matter of minutes. Conventional, convection and infrared cooking is at the heart of the process that lets you cook at low temperatures so that there’s no burning and your kitchen doesn’t get heated up either. There’s no need for preheating or defrosting and since its compact, it’s ideal for your countertop.

Conduction heat; the direct heat like oven at home, convection heat that circulates hot air around the food and infrared cooking that penetrates food so that its cooked from inside and outside simultaneously are the secret of this Nuwave Oven Pro that ensure you can cook perfectly every single time.



Compare Cooking Method: Big Boss Oil Less Fryer Vs NuWave Oven Pro

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer – Three cooking elements come into play here; halogen cooking that browns surface of foods and roasts them, convection that is responsible for faster cooking by circulating hot air around food and infrared heat that seals in juices in food and cooks it from the outside. Several dishes including desserts can be made and you won’t have to think of defrosting or reheating ever again.

Nuwave Oven Pro – Now you have the option of cooking your food 50% faster using 85% less energy thanks to Nuwave Oven Pro. Fresh or frozen food can be cooked in the oven directly and you can also place it on different layers to save yourself time and energy.


Is it dishwasher safe? Big Boss Oil Less Fryer Vs NuWave Oven Pro

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer: The rack can be washed in a dishwasher but it’s advisable to clean the bowl by hand.

Nuwave Oven Pro: All parts can be separated and cleaned in the dishwasher, except for the power head. Nothing splatters while cooking because it’s a self-contained oven. There’s no oily mess on your countertop as well.


Compare where is it made? Big Boss Oil Less Fryer vs Nuwave Oven Pro

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer: China

NuWave Oven Pro: China


Is it BPA free?

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer: Yes

NuWave Oven Pro: Yes


Does it have glass dome?

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer: Yes

Nuwave Oven Pro: Yes


Does it fry food?

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer: Yes

NuWave Oven Pro: Air fry



Can it dehydrate food?

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer: Yes

NuWave Oven Pro: Yes


Does it use radiation?

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer: Yes

Nuwave Oven Pro: Yes


Does it toast?

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer: Yes

Nuwave Oven Pro: Yes


Does it bake?

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer: Yes

Nuwave Oven Pro: Yes.


Compare Weight: Big Boss Oil Less Fryer vs Nuwave Oven Pro

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer: 14.7 pounds

NuWave Oven Pro: 12.6 pounds


Compare Wattage: Big Boss Oil Less Fryer vs Nuwave Oven Pro

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer: 1300 watts

NuWave Oven Pro: 1500 watts


Compare Capacity: Big Boss Oil Less Fryer vs Nuwave Oven Pro

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer: 16 qt.

NuWave Oven Pro: Accommodates a 16-pound Turkey with the 3″ extender ring.

Compare What do I get? and Price

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer

  • Mesh Basket
  • 2 Grill Racks
  • Lifting Tongs
  • 57 Recipes
  • Oil-less Sprayer
  • Glass Bowl

Price: $99.99 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. Official website


NuWave Oven Pro

  • NuWave Oven Pro
  • NuWave Oven Pro Party Mixer & Twister Blender
  • NuWave Oven Complete Cookbook
  • NuWave Cooking Club Lifetime Membership
  • Quick & Easy Cooking Guide
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Instructional DVD
  • 3-Year Top-to-Bottom Warranty

Price:$119.85 + S/h. Official website



Compare Cleaning: Big Boss Oil Less Fryer vs Nuwave Oven Pro

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer – While the glass lid that has infrared heating element, convection fan and halogen light should not be dipped in water, the bottom part can have grease spatter, especially when you use large food items for cooking. The glass bowl can be awkward to clean because of its size but can be hand washed; however it along with racks is dishwasher safe. The plastic fryer racks are not though.

Nuwave Oven Pro – Besides the power head all parts can be taken apart for cleaning in the dishwasher. It’s advisable to wash the dome immediately after use but when you put it in the dishwasher you don’t need to use the heated dry cycle.


Compare Reviews: Big Boss Oil Less Fryer vs Nuwave Oven Pro

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer REVIEW

Cooking chicken not a task any more – Cooking chicken normally can be a nightmare because it can often be under-cooked or dry if overcooked. But Big Boss Oil Less Fryer makes sure your chicken is perfectly cooked every single time. Chicken has amazing texture like you see in steamers that take ever so long to cook.

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer is convenient for use – However it’s important to pour over the instructions and understand them well because it’s not just any other oven. It can be used to cook a variety of things without any hassle and maintenance is a breeze too.

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer is compact and lightweight – That’s what makes it ideal to keep it on your countertop and it won’t make matters worse with space constraints in your kitchen.

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer Lives up to expectations – All the claims that are made about this oil less fryer, it lives up to them. You can cook efficiently and faster too. This fryer is reasonably priced and for the quality of cooking you get, it is brilliant value for your money.

Well-made and durable – The Oil Less Fryer is a quality product, very well made; although it’s lightweight it looks quite sturdy and one that’s meant to last.


Nuwave Oven Pro REVIEW

Nuwave Oven Pro is efficient – All that’s said about the oven comes true as you can cook a lot faster than in your regular oven. Importantly like your conventional oven heats up your kitchen, this one doesn’t. It ensures that you cook food deliciously and it stays juicy like you want it to be.

It works well when instructions are followed – Anyone who seems to have a problem with this NuWave Oven Pro it could be because instructions are not followed well. If you go through instructions carefully and follow them to the T, the oven will help you cook succulent, juicy items with ease.

Cooking is flavorful – At the end of the day you want your cooking to win you brownie points and be tasty. This oven is a brilliant means to that purpose and spraying the rack with cooking spray ensures that you get results that are even better.

Healthy way of cooking – Today there are many who want to cook healthy for the benefit of their loved ones. If that’s your goal as well then you can do with this oven that’s not only a smart but healthy way of cooking too as you don’t need added oils and fats.


Compare Complaints: Big Boss Oil Less Fryer vs Nuwave Oven Pro

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer Complaints

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer is not oil less fryer – If you are expecting your cooking to be done without any oil then you are going to be sorely disappointed. The Big Boss Oil Less Fryer even comes with a spray bottle for oil, which is laughable. At best it’s a countertop fryer that can bake for you.

It is awkward to use – Since it’s a bit bulky and heavy, you will need some maneuvering to use it on a regular basis. Cleaning it also can become a task because of its size and weight.

Doesn’t cook quickly as it says – Cooking takes an awful lot of time, which is just not what you expect. And food doesn’t come out as succulent as you’d want it to be. What’s worse is that the customer service of this Big Boss Oil Less Fryer is shambolic and you have to pay for returns, which is another annoying problem with it.

It’s not a classy and elegant product – You want your cooking devices to not only be efficient but smart and handsome additions to your kitchen as well. However this isn’t that product because it looks quite chunky and tacky because of some of its making. It could have been elegantly designed.


NuWave Oven Pro Complaints

The plastic lid is flimsy – And that’s just not what you expect from an oven that you pay substantial amounts for. It can start cracking within no time, which can make it pretty useless very quickly.

Doesn’t cook food well – The whole selling point of this NuWave Oven Pro is that it cooks succulent food and it comes out moist and delicious. But that rarely happens and you are left hugely disappointed with some of the cooking results you get. It makes this oven self-defeating in many ways.

Customer service is awful – And that’s another major issue with this Nuwave Oven Pro. You hardly get any help from the support staff that is if you manage to get hold of them. And you are told that you need to pay shipping costs for returns.

Cheaply made NuWave Oven Pro – When you are paying decent amount for something like an oven you want it to be long lasting and durable so that you get value for your money. But there are no signs from this one that it will last the test of time. It looks cheaply made and things start falling apart sooner rather than later and the warranty offered leaves a lot to be desired too.

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  2. I love that it can fry food without grease and the extra calories and fat that come with using a regular fryer. Cooking food through an air fryer is often a healthy option to deep-frying applying gas. Hot air fryers make use of excited air rather than very hot gas to help make meals meals.
    A trendy label of this heat stove that makes use of this preparing container may be the Philips heat fryer.

  3. I have just purchased my second NuWave oven. I went crazy without it when the first one died after 8 years of constant use. I cook everything in it and in the summer it is great not to have to heat up the kitchen. My Granddaughter recently stayed with me during the hot summer months and she loves fried chicken. I took the frozen chicken pieces out and within an hour, we had fried chicken, golden brown, baked potato and fresh green beans for dinner. I don’t hear myself saying “oh darn, I forgot to take meat out of the freezer for dinner. The NuWave also cooks a steak fresh or frozen perfectly, whether it is rare, med. rare, or well done, just put it in for the time on the chart they give you and the guessing isn’t a problem anymore. They turn out perfect! I barely ever use my full size oven anymore unless I have a huge baking job for the holidays and I have 8 or 10 dozen cookies to do. I will never go without a NuWave again, it’s a God sent to a cook. You will never be sorry you bought one!

  4. I’m on my second Nuwave oven. My first died after 6 years of heavy use. I went a whole two weeks before I broke down and bought another one. It’s the best $125 I’ve spent since I bought the original model.

  5. I read the first review on the NuWave oven and I couldn’t disagree more. I have had mine for 2 or 3 years now and absolutely love it.
    Yes, I do agree with the dome cracking but I believe that was a first run dome that the company has since rectified.
    I had mine replaced within the 1st year and have had zero problems with the new one. My oven gets the acid test because it travels in our rv (not known for the smoothest rides) and I have had no further problems with the dome.
    It is not the oven of choice for SOME baked goods as the oven only heats to 350* but for everything else it is fabulous.
    My favorite thing to cook is roasted chicken… 15 minutes per pound and the meat ALWAYS comes out juicy and the skins (if you like to eat them) are always crisp. I do not oil or butter the skins either. I rinse and season the chicken, no trussing, and the chicken comes out perfectly every single time.
    Roasted veggies are marvelous! I don’t do much dessert baking and can’t speak to that but all meat and fish I have cooked have ALL come out perfectly.
    I feel the NuWave is an excellent buy!!!

  6. I have never owned a Nu Wave because of the reviews about the dome cracking, but I’ve owned turbo ovens and now I have the big boss oven. The oven works great, it does reduce the cooking time for most foods, it’s easy to clean and my only complaint is that the racks or grilles claim to be stainless steel and they are not, the chrome wears off, gets rusty and has to be replaced.

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